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You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour – Exodus 20:16

A Citizen journalism & investigative platform.

Collectively conserving objective Truth…

Investigations, Documentaries, Live Showdowns & More!

David Vs Goliath investigates, seeks, discovers and reveals the whole truth.

We support innocent everyday men and women, their families and businesses under assault from liars, cheats, deceivers, tyrants and demonic predatory trolls.

expose evil.

Fight tyranny.


Watch: Lawrence Fox On Cancel-Culture (click on video to unmute)


"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free".

John 8:32

Have you been Defamed By The Media?

David Vs Goliath provides a platform and growing global audience to grant you a full and fair disclosure of the facts in the court of public opinion.

Have you been bullied by an institution?

We hold tyrannical and inhumanely bureaucratic government agencies accountable for incompetence, corruption and attempts at entrapment.

Protect those suffering from evil & injustice!

We bring together human, material and financial resources to protect children, the innocent and the vulnerable, unable to defend themselves.

We empower People to..

Through The power of Public opinion!

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David vs Goliath Will…

Commit to Truth and Reality:

In a world of falsehoods and deception, we need institutions and platforms we can trust because of everyone’s individual commitment to truth. This starts with ourselves.

Stand up to Tyranny:

Any form of oppression, injustice, abuse against the vulnerable, fragile and innocent must be exposed and held to account. Evil prevails when good people stand by and do nothing.


We believe everyone deserves a chance to repent, to reform and regenerate. We are pro-good governance and ensuring the right hearted and minded people are in positions of trust and responsibility.

CREATE 'Reach':

Without the reach of millions globally, we are at the mercy of mainstream media and their agenda and corrupt exploitation of individuals and organisations who don’t have the same reach.

Defend the everyday man & woman:

Ordinary people are caught in the crosshairs of large, influential institutions like the media and government. Without the right resources and support, those people don’t stand a chance of defending themselves.

Build a Global Groundswell:

The ‘small man’ will no longer be bullied and we are building a global groundswell of 10-100 million human beings committed to solving problems inside and outside our homes. Together we can create the reach needed to hold these goliaths/tyrannical institutions accountable while developing and acquiring the human, material, and financial resources to never say no, where we ought to say yes inside and outside our front door.


"And they worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?”

Revelation 13:4

Reputation Insurance

The best insurance policy for any character and/or competence reputation damage in life & business, is a growing global groundswell community of character rich people who’ve got your back!

David Vs Goliath helps the everyday person gather the resources and backing they need to confront and hold accountable the Goliath-like legacy and mainstream media, government or non-government agencies they would not have otherwise been able to.

What such ‘Goliath’s fear most is negative public opinion on mass, with large scale public scrutiny and criticism that affects either their financial bottom line, their market share or their positions of perceived power and influence.

The court of public opinion can be a powerful ally.

David vs Goliath is supported by a growing international union of citizen journalists, along with a growing global audience of righteous people (Groundswell), more able to maturely reason and rationalise with facts and evidence. Together we are committed to the upholding of objective truth in a world increasingly dark, full of hate, lies and deceit and in desperate need of reform!

We Showcase & bring you the truth!

  • Providing the audience, support & resources that those without need to ensure the truth gets out!
  • An antidote to cancel-culture, corruption, defamation and bureaucratic tyranny.
  • Debunking falsehoods, protecting against indoctrination, exposing destructive agendas.
  • Campaigning for reform in the legacy media, government and governing bodies.









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The 3 ATTITUDEs to truth, which one are you..?

Biased against things you hate & disagree with

You’re prejudicial in your perceptions of things that don’t suit the way you want things to be. You don’t want to change your perspectives even if they’re proven to be false.

WanTing truth & Reality regardless of feelings

You’re fair, honest and able to be objective despite any strong subjective feelings and perceptions of someone or something, good or bad.

Biased TOWARDS Things you like & agree with

You’re biassed in favour of people and things you like and agree with, despite any evidence to the contrary. You will block out or minimise anything negative about them.

Watch: Dr Jordan Peterson On Trying To Twist Reality (click on video to unmute)


"Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness"

Ephesians 6:14

Discover The modern media’s

propaganda Tactics..

Exposing and revealing the modern media’s subtle and not so subtle tactics and modus operandi of deception while helping to educate truth loving, discerning people to..

Don’t be dazzled and fooled by the legacy and mainstream media show. Learn how to understand and discern when the things you are watching, reading and listening to don’t add up in order to spot what is fake and without substance, no matter how good or real it may initially seem.


Learn how to scrutinise the author or person behind the information you are receiving in a more objective, balanced and critical manner. Who can you believe and put your trust in and why? Become more aware of your own and others’ personal biases. 

How do you discern good evidence from bad, or whether something is evidence at all? How can you tell when something is being exaggerated or not? What information is missing? Is there enough context? When is something being  sensationalised?

Regular Posts & Updates..

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