the history of a coordinated Hate & smear campaign

Since February 2021, CEO Paul Waugh and the Associates of Lighthouse Global have been on the receiving end of a malicious hate and smear campaign, combined with acts of deliberate and relentless constructive sabotage. This timeline is here to help you the viewer gain a better understanding about the nature of this hate and smear campaign by walking you through the key events from it’s genesis in February 2021 through to the present day, whilst noting how the people of Lighthouse have responded over time.

Two Lighthouse Associates have attempted to take their own lives as a result of the pressure inflicted upon them by the vengeful assailants of Lighthouse, the legacy media and a weaponised government agency.

More information about Lighthouse holding the BBC accountable can be found in the Lighthouse Vs The BBC section of the main menu, including the Lighthouse Vs The BBC page.

There are 3 components of this relentless campaign that has had a devastating impact on our lives and livelihoods at Lighthouse… click the 3 points below.

1. Constructive Sabotage: The attacks on Lighthouse have been orchestrated and coordinated with the intention to cause maximum damage through online predatory trolling, lying to the media and weaponising government institutions.

2. Hate Campaign: The implicit and explicit intention of the hateful people behind this campaign has been to completely and utterly destroy the lives and livelihoods of those at Lighthouse.

3. Smear Campaign: Constructive saboteurs have sought to lie and deceive in order to publicly humiliate, defame and discredit the people, work and reputation of Lighthouse.

February 2021 – Present day


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10th February 2021

First anonymous post on Reddit about Lighthouse

Lighthouse’s response was to let this go and monitor the situation to see what would unfold. However, it was already evident these posts had a very destructive agenda given the very biased and prejudiced nature of the content and the fact it was being conducted anonymously. It is suspected and later confirmed that many of those behind these anonymous posts are a mix of some disgruntled ex-clients and coercively controlling / abusive family members of Lighthouse Associates trying to pressure their adult children into ceasing their mentorship with Lighthouse. Often this is because these family members are trying to hide their past neglect and abuse of their now grown children, including instances of childhood sexual abuse.

April 2021

An anti-Lighthouse Smear campaign develops and a Lighthouse targeted trolling website is launched spreading disinformation

This was the first instance of any consistent or coordinated efforts to smear Lighthouse in any way since it was conceived in 2004 as FranklinWaugh, nearly 17 years previously! This is a clearly coordinated attempt to CANCEL Lighthouse by trolling and constructively sabotaging their reputation and business. However, Lighthouse simply decides to quietly monitor the situation, not wanting to add fuel to the fire.

August 2021

Persistence of Reddit posts with no sign of stopping.

Lighthouse compiles their first legal discovery document to present to their specialist lawyers. As part of this they formulate an online education strategy to start publicly addressing what the lawyers identified as predatory trolling. This is conducted indirectly through social media posts and blogs, to avoid any direct contact on Reddit.

20th October 2021

BBC Journalist Mike Cowan posts on Reddit looking for stories on cults and receives several replies from Anti-Lighthouse trolls

Although not looking for information on Lighthouse specifically, it’s recorded that several anonymous accounts targeting Lighthouse reply to his message offering details about Lighthouse. It’s strongly believed this is where the BBC ACTUALLY first hears about Lighthouse. N.B. Lighthouse Associate would write to Mr Cowan in February of 2022 inviting him to investigate Lighthouse and learn the truth about the smear campaign against them.

26th November 2021

Ex-Lighthouse Associate, Richard Thomas, falsely accuses lighthouse of theft on LinkedIn AND makes defamatory reddit post

Although posted anonymously it is clear to Lighthouse that the anonymous post on Reddit is by Mr Thomas (which he later openly confirms). Lighthouse’s Associates responded directly on LInkedIn with multiple warnings of potential legal action. Work on a Lighthouse Community site to counter the defamatory disinformation begins. (*click heading to visit the community site)

8th December 2021

A dedicated anti-Lighthouse reddit forum is created to coordinate anonymous and hateful sentiment against Lighthouse

This subreddit forum is launched by Ex-Lighthouse Associate Richard Thomas and an obsessively malicious predatory troll with no previous connections to Lighthouse (later identified as Jon Breen, an ex-BBC employee with a conviction for stalking). Lighthouse publicises a warning to those known to be trolling and attempting to destroy Lighthouse’s reputation that their employers would be contacted as a means of accountability. These warnings are mocked on Reddit leading to two employers being contacted. (*Click heading for information on Jon Breen)

December 27th 2021

Lighthouse CEO makes an open invitation for all critics to meet and find a resolution but only receives mockery on reddit

Lighthouse CEO, Paul Waugh, makes an open invitation to all critics of Lighthouse to meet at his home in order to resolve the situation maturely. This offer is also scoffed at on Reddit with numerous excuses of why not to attend. (*Click to read of Paul Waugh’s invitation)

28th December 2021

employers of known anti-lighthouse trolls reply to our communications and ask for more information

Lighthouse provided extensive evidence of these individuals’ online trolling and attempts of constructive sabotage through comprehensive reports with hundreds of pages of screenshots, explanations their identification and description of the wider smear campaign they are part of. This also included the impact that was having on us Lighthouse as individuals and a business. Lighthouse’s intention was to work with the employers to stop this destructive behaviour and help the individual reform.

1st February 2022

The Daily Mail Newspaper approaches Lighthouse for comment on various allegations against Lighthouse, including that of being a ‘cult’.

Despite Lighthouse’s attempts to find a mature resolution with its critics, those involved in the now highly malicious smear campaign instead choose to go to the UK press with distorted accounts and fabricated allegations. Lighthouse responds to reporter Tom Kelly with a detailed 17,000-word response, backed up with over 20 character references. Other than a few follow-up questions nothing more is heard until an article is published in April 2022.

17th February 2022

Lighthouse Writes to BBC Journalist Mike Cowan Inviting Him To investigate the truth behind malicious smears against them

Long before any confirmed news of a BBC investigation into Lighthouse was heard of, Lighthouse Associate James Mills contacted BBC reporter, Mike Cowan, asking him for an interview. This was after Mr Cowan had been seen posting on Reddit in late 2021 and had received comments from anti-Lighthouse Reddit trolls. James Mills wrote to him in February 2022. In his email, James Mills writes, u0022These people who have a destructive agenda towards us would love for you to do an investigation into us and frankly speaking, we would too… but only if based on reason and fact!…and…We want the truth out there as soon as and as comprehensively as possibleu0022. There was no reply.

28th March 2022

Despite invitations to find a resolution, informing employers and warnings of legal action, the constructive sabotage shows no signs of ceasing or even abating.

Lighthouse’s attempts to reason with those trying to destroy its business and reputation fell on deaf ears, so they started to report the predatory trolls / constructive saboteurs to the police. On 28th March Police immediately offered to arrest one particular person for harassment, but as they are a family member of an existing Lighthouse Associate, they are told a warning would be enough. Preventing that arrest out of sympathy would later regretted.

20th April 2022

Daily Mail publishes a sensationalised hit-piece article ignoring 99% of Lighthouse’s 17,000 word response

Within 48 hours the Senior Associate Partners of Lighthouse met with CEO Paul Waugh to dissect and explain the context and truth to every statement made. This 5-hour meeting was published online and signified the launch of the Waugh Rooms.

April 2022

Daily Mail Threatens to Publish a 2nd anti-lighthouse article

In Lighthouse’s filmed response to the 1st Daily Mail article the name of one of their malicious sources, who was a victim of child sexual abuse, had been revealed in error. Although the person had given past recorded verbal permission, when Lighthouse realised the legal error in not having that permission in writing the video was taken down and edited within 24 hours. However, the Daily Mail’s Tom Kelly threatened a second article as a result. (*click the heading to see part of a video response to this)

8th May 2022

Daily Mail produces a second article about Lighthouse’s error.

After the name of the child sexual abuse survivor were revealed in their public response video in error the Daily Mail printed a follow up article to highlight this and pour further scorn on CEO Paul Waugh. Paul Waugh issued a public apology through Twitter, following which he further shared details of his own childhood sexual abuse that he was a victim of. (*click the heading to see his post)

24th May 2022

The Daily Mirror approaches Lighthouse with the intention to publish their own story but decides against this after Lighthouse’s refutation

Lighthouse refutes the claims backed up by client testimonials and on this occasion. Significantly, the Daily Mirror decides not to publish the story. 

May 2022

Multiple government agencies begin being triggered against LIghthouse through fabricated and exaggerated complaints

Those trying to constructively sabotage and destroy Lighthouse’s reputation and business attempt to collectively overwhelm its beleaguered resources by triggering multiple government agency ‘investigations’ using false claims. These claims are a clear attempt to force Lighthouse into deleting crucial data evidence against the false claims in the name of data protection. Lighthouse refuses to delete any crucial data due to the legal and criminal investigations against their attackers by the police.   

25th May 2022

Paul Waugh actively starts posting on twitter, sharing of our research as well as holding our constructive saboteurs accountable.

Mr Waugh starts to offer renewed opportunities to meet in person and resolve any disputes. He also requests those smearing him and Lighthouse to give permission to release private data evidence in relation to the false accusations online. Knowing the release of such evidence would totally discredit their false accusations and allegations no response is ever made by those smearing Lighthouse. (*Click heading to view that post on X)  

10th June 2022

Launch of Lighthouse’s Predatory Troll Assault and False Accusation Register

Lighthouse publishes a register and record of all malicious trolling and contructive sabotage posts made on reddit along with verified and suspected identities of the anonymous authors. This is mocked on Reddit, but starts a process of infighting between the trolls and constructive saboteurs. Jon Breen who co-launched the anti-Lighthouse subreddit is ostracised by the main group. (*Click heading to view this register)

13th June 2022

A falsely triggered ‘Investigation’ into Lighthouse International Group is authorised by the UK Secretary of State for Business

The investigation is signed off by the Insolvency Service’s Chief Investigator, Edna Okhiria. Three Insolvency Service Investigators; Gary Seymour, Mark George and Russell McAlpine are instructed to investigate. What ensues is months of a persistent electronic, postal and in person harassment campaign, including consistent legal threats, against the Lighthouse Directors and Senior Associate Adam Wallis.

22nd June 2022

Paul Waugh publicly announces on Twitter that Lighthouse is now set up to expand globally

This step is taken to safeguard Lighthouse’s work from acts of trolling, constructive sabotage and attempts to CANCEL the company by incorporating overseas, outside of the UK. The intent with this is for Lighthouse to begin helping others with trolling, cancel-culture and constructive sabotage. (*Click to view tweet on X)

29th July 2022

Paul Waugh writes to Insolvency Services Investigator Gary Seymour explaining Lighthouse’s lack of resources to respond

Mr Waugh explains to Mr Seymour that Lighthouse’s u0022resources are extremely stretched almost to breakingnpoint given the constructive sabotage on our lives and business over the last 16nmonths. Constructive sabotage that you, the agency you work for and your teamnare unwittingly and unknowingly a part of (you are about to learn exactly how younare a part of it hence unwittingly and unknowingly).u0022

August 2022

Lighthouse launches it’s website to Counter the Daily Mail’s Lies and Falsehoods presents a comprehensive response to the Daily Mail articles. It publishes pages on the sources used in the Daily Mail article, holding them directly accountable for their falsehoods. It also offers the opportunity for others to join us in standing up to the abuse of innocent people in the media. (*click the heading to view the Lighthouse Daily Mail response website)

18th August 2022

Lighthouse CEO Paul Waugh Makes it clear to Insolvency INvestigator, Gary Seymour, that His agency has been falsely triggered

Mr Waugh informs Mr Seymour that he and his agency had been triggered by u0022trolls, dogpilers that have relentlessly and constructively sabotaged our lives and businessuu0022. He explains there is u0022every reason to not respondu0022 based on this fact and anticipates a future court situation that is welcomed.

26th August 2022

Senior Associate, Adam Wallis, in suicidal condition, makes formal complaint against Insolvency Service harrassment

Despite not being a director, Mr Wallis had been confronted in person at his private home by Insolvency ‘Investigator’ Mr Seymour where he informed Mr Seymour of his recent suicide attempt. Despite making it clear he was not to be contacted any further, due to his condition, Mr Seymour continued to bombard Mr Wallis with threatening letters. This led to Mr Wallis making a formal complaint to senior Insolvency Service officers, Alec Pybus and Edna-Maria Okhiria. (To date this complaint has been ignored and unanswered)

24th September 2022

Lighthouse Senior Partner Warren Vaughan Contacts BBC producer Natalie Truswell after a tip off that the BBC is doing a story about Lighthouse.

Mr Vaughan sends an email to senior BBC personnel, including producer Natalie Truswell, stating CEO Paul Waugh’s desire to be involved in their investigations. Director Shaun Cooper follows up with an update on Lighthouse’s complaint to the Daily Mail. Jai and Sukh Singh share publicly about some of the abuse they suffered at the hands of their mother and ex-BBC employee now freelancer, Rani Singh, in an intimate discussion with Paul Waugh and Chris Nash (published October 2022). 

October 2022

Rani Singh, abusive Mother of two Lighthouse Associates tries to smear lighthouse via a local radio station

Ex-BBC employee and freelance ‘journalist’ Rani Singh shares false and inaccurate details about Lighthouse and her sons Jai and Sukh Singh on 3 weekly broadcasts of her local ‘River Radio’ show, ‘The Miss Singh Question’. This is in her addition to her contribution to the first anti-Lighthouse Daily Mail article.. Lighthouse makes a formal complaint about this to the broadcast regulator Ofcom, specifically highlighting the lies and inaccurate statements she was using her position to share publicly. The BBC, including Natalie Truswell, is also updated on Rani Singh’s actions. (*click the heading to see information about the court order taken out against Rani Singh)

27th October 2022

The Anti-Lighthouse Subreddit coordinates efforts to weaponise the Insolvency Service against Lighthouse

Evidence emerges via the hubris of the predatory anti-Lighthouse trolls and smear campaigners in October 2022 that they are colluding directly with the Insolvency Service. As would have to be the case, given there was no truth to their claims and would be later discovered, these individuals had to resort to defrauding the Secretary of State in their bid to push what was therefor a corrupt ‘investigation’ through. See February 2023 and after for what transpired from this.

6th November 2022

Lighthouse Associates start their first offensive phase of responding to the trolling and constructive sabotage against them

20 months after the first posts appear on Reddit against Lighthouse, its Associates cease being on the defensive and begin an offensive approach against those trying to cancel them. They begin by staging a peaceful demonstration outside Rani Singh’s River Radio premises, in response to the lies and falsehoods being shared by her publicly on air. 

December 2022

Rani Singh explicitly labels Lighthouse as a cult as a podcast guest of cult academic, alexandra Stein

Her sons Jai and Sukh Singh, outraged at her audacity to lie publicly about them decide to confront their abusive mother on her doorstep. This is filmed and published publicly on YouTube and Twitter. (*Click the heading to watch their video)

20th January 2023

IPSO, The Independent Press Standards Organisation, agrees to investigate Lighthouse’s complaint about the Daily Mail

After months of investigation and deliberation into Lighthouse’s complaint against the Daily Mail, the regulator IPSO begins their formal investigation into the Daily Mail’s handling of its articles. Although expectations are low for any ruling being made (IPSO is widely criticised as being a sham, incestuously staffed by ex-press and media workers) Lighthouse publicly announce the investigation. All hitherto communication with the Daily Mail and its staff is ceased.

February 2023

Lighthouse discovers the announcement of a petition by the secretary of state to ‘wind up’ (forcefully shut down) the company

Lighthouse publicly announce this development and work hard in a very pressurised and limited timeframe to respond to the High court in a very complex process without resources to pay for any legal counsel and without any guidance or support offered by the state. However, a categoric package of evidence over 600+ pages is filed to completely discredit and disprove all allegations against Lighthouse and reveal the self-evidency of the lies upon which the petition is based. The petition was the result of the multiple government agencies falsely triggered against Lighthouse in May 2022.

13th February 2023

The BBC invites Paul Waugh and Jai Singh for interview regarding an apparent forthcoming ‘documentary’ on Lighthouse

This comes after the BBC ignored all of Lighthouse’s requests to be involved in its broadcast over the 5 months previously, starting in September 2022. Paul Waugh initially accepts the invitation. However, following his experiences with the Daily Mail he requests the BBC to provide their questions in advance and to obtain permission from their sources in order for Lighthouse to present the relevant evidence counter to their claims. n

20th February 2023

Broadcasting regulator Ofcom shuts down Rani Singh’s employers, River Radio

This comes as a result of Lighthouse Associate complaints relating to defamatory statements made by Rani Singh. (*Click heading to view the Ofcom ruling)

28th February 2023

Lighthouse attends first hearing for the secretary of state’s winding up petition

During a short video online conference, Lighthouse director Chris Nash attends as a ‘litigant in person’ meaning without professional Legal counsel. This leaves him in the dark about most of the legal process and technicalities involved. In a swift and efficient legal process the judge decides to u0022set asideu0022 all 600+ pages of Lighthouse’s evidence without review. This is justified in the name of efficiency and saving the court’s time and resources of having to examine the evidence. Lighthouse’s protests are swept aside.

24th March 2023

The BBC announces it will be broadcasting ‘A Very British Cult’ in April

Lighthouse discovers BBC3 is advertising the broadcast of their upcoming programme and learn its name for the first time; ‘A Very British Cult’. This advertisement predicts the u0022very surreal showdownu0022 regarding the second High Court hearing 5 days before the court hearing even took place! This is clear evidence that the BBC’s programme had been prescripted according to the narrative they wanted to present from the start… regardless of the truth. This is why the Catrin Nye and the BBC were never genuinely interested in seeing or hearing any of Lighthouse’s evidence.

28th March 2023

Lighthouse is wound up in the high court upon the request of CEO Paul Waugh due to minor legal technicalities

Lighthouse CEO Paul Waugh, realising that Lighthouse have been manipulated into a legal corner, based on a technicality and lacked the legal counsel to see any alternative, proactively asked the High Court to wind up Lighthouse International Group on his request. Although this is proven by the court transcript, it is later published in the media that the reasons for the company being wound were due to company wrongdoing. These are and remain false reports. Lighthouse have since created a website dedicated to revealing the truth of this and campaign against government agency corruption and incompetence: (*Click the heading to view this site)

28th March 2023

Paul Waugh and Lighthouse Associates are ambushed outside the high court by the BBC’s catrin nye and her team, Dawn Ingram and Jeffrey leigh-jones

This act was part of a staged and convoluted situation forced by Catrin Nye and her team in order to try and provoke or stage what had already been pre-advertised as a u0022surreal showdownu0022. The BBC later withheld footage of Jeffrey Leigh-Jones and girlfriend Dawn shouting and swearing down the street. However it was filmed by Lighthouse to highlight the less than savoury reality of sources the BBC have tried their best to portray as sweetness and light. (*Click heading for video)

4th April 2023

one day before the BBC docu-myth broadcast, Paul Waugh demands a live, real-time, unedited interview with the bbc

This is one of many many instances that Paul and Lighthouse have challenged and demanded Catrin Nye and the BBC provide Lighthouse with a LIVE interview that cannot be manipulated or edited out of context. To date Catrin Nye and the BBC have remained utterly silent, ignoring each and every one of these calls, yet claiming in their programme that Paul and Lighthouse refused to be interviewed! (*Click heading to view this post on X)

5th April 2023

BBC3 Broadcasts ‘A very british cult’ with well over 140+ lies, falsehoods and perverted or false context to its claims

The BBC presses ahead with the broadcast of the TV docusoap and podcast ‘A Very British Cult’ that is advertised on all BBC News broadcasts and published in all British National Newspapers (except the Daily Mirror). Lighthouse publish an official statement on all our websites which includes the top 10 malicious myths broadcasted by the BBC. (*Click the heading to see just some of these lies categorically debunked with published evidence) n

April 2023

BBC Sources do the rounds of live tv and radio interviews without any such opportunity being offered to Paul Waugh or Lighthouse

Despite Paul Waugh’s multiple calls for a LIVE debate / interview with the BBC he is totally blanked and ignored. However, BBC source Jeffrey Leigh-Jones is given live airtime on BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 and Radio 4 as a platform to share his defamatory statements about Lighthouse.

April 2023

Lighthouse receives hundreds of abusive messages, including death threats.

As a direct result of the BBC broadcast, Lighthouse receive hundreds of abusive messages, including death threats. The privacy of Paul Waugh, Lighthouse Associates and their families are compromised. Lighthouse inform Ofcom, the police and make multiple individual complaints to the BBC informing them of the provable lies and falsehoods as well as the impact on our health and wellbeing.n

2nd May 2023

Lighthouse submits a formal complaint to Broadcasting regulator, Ofcom

The complaint lists 143 provable breaches of the Ofcom Code by which it is supposed to regulate the British media. More than a year later in May 2024, Ofcom has yet to provide any meaningful response other than acknowledging the complaint and asking how we would like to proceed.

June 2023

Family Court issues an order against Rani Singh to cease her harassment of her two sons

A family Court issues an order for Rani Singh to cease her harassment of Lighthouse Associates Jai and Sukh Singh. (*Click the heading for more information)

July 2023

BBC boast of British Podcast Awards nomination for ‘A Very British Cult’

Catrin Nye shows her love of public recognition on her social media and boasts about the nomination.

19th September 2023

Lighthouse writes to Haymarket, host of the British Podcast Awards

Lighthouse writes to Haymarket CEO Kevin Costello and senior executives as well as all the Awards’ judges asking them to withdraw A Very British Cult on the basis of its defamatory coverage of Lighthouse. The letter includes compelling evidence of pre broadcast communications with producers Natalie Truswell and Ravin Sampat that shows A Very British Cult extensively lied in their programme. (*Click heading to read and view the letter in full)

20th Sept 2023

British Podcast Awards Rebuff Lighthouse Global’s Request To Remove Nomination

Not surprisingly, the British Podcast Awards rebuff Lighthouses demands to withdraw A Very British Cult’s Nomination. The short and cowardly reply is sent via a generic email despite CEO Kevin Costello and senior executives all being written to personally.

25th September 2023

Lighthouse call out the British Podcast Awards for cowardice

Lighthouse Director Shaun Cooper replies saying, u0022While your company’s response does not surprise me, given the complications that would bring to your relationship with the BBC, it is nevertheless deeply concerning and is a gross contradiction to and violation of your stated values of integrity and respect.nnnIf this was one of your companies being smeared and in particular if it was your children who are the ultimate victims of this fallacious and sensationalised clickbait hit piece, would you have made the same decision?u0022

17th October 2023

The Insolvency Service’s Official Receivers are held accountable for their incompetence and baseless corrupted ‘investigation’

After patiently trying to deal with Deputy Official Receiver Karen Baldock and repeated examples of astounding incompetence, e.g. asking Paul Waugh for his email address by writing to his email address, Lighthouse strongly rebukes the Insolvency Service for their handling of the case. The correspondence in particular seeks to publicly educate the Insolvency Service on the difference between a creditor and a customer which is at the crux of the Insolvency Service’s debacle with Lighthouse International Group. These letters are also published online. (*Click to see online copies of this correspondence)

13th November 2023

Lighthouse Associate Melissa deichler seeks a Non-Molestation (restraining) order against her half sister Tania Francis

After years of harassment and coercive control and interference by Tania Francis (herself a solicitor of Hempsons LLP), Melissa is forced to take the strongest legal action possible. The case presents extensive evidence of Mrs Francis’ involvement with the Anti-Lighthouse smear campaign and obssessive desire to control Melissa’s life choices. (*Click the heading to read Melissa’s account of this online)

21st November 2023

Lighthouse Writes again to the Insolvency Services to rebuke their Bureaucratic Carelessness and Inhumanity

This email is also published online and is addressed to the senior Official Receiver at the time, Michael Bint. In the letter the numerous inconsistencies, errors and examples of inhumane treatment are detailed. No direct response to this email is received. Specifically Mr Bint is revealed for lying about the complaint made by Adam Wallis following his suicide attempt; see timeline entry for 26th August 2022. (*Click heading to view this email online)

November 2023

BBC source, Dawn Ingram, is reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office for data theft

Lighthouse reports BBC source, Dawn Ingram, to the Information Commissioner’s Office for unlawfully obtained 16,000 pages of personal and sensitive data from private and confidential Lighthouse meetings. The theft of this special category data is also reported to the Police and Ofcom. An open letter to Dawn Ingram’s employer, the Royal Navy and Marines Charity is published online. (*Click the heading to read this letter online)n

28th February 2024

A Very British Cult nominated for the True Crime podcast Awards

Catrin Nye boasts on social media about the nomination of A Very British Cult for the True Crime Awards on 25th April 2024. She also takes a shot at Lighthouse in her comments for having campaigned against her last nomination in the British Podcast Awards, see entry for 19th September 2023.

2nd March 2024

Paul Waugh announces A David vs Goliath Showdown for 23rd April 2024 between Lighthouse and the BBC

The David Vs Goliath Showdown is designed to be a LIVE and in-real time broadcast where Lighthouse and the BBC will be able to present and debate the evidence. The Showdown is a challenge to the BBC and its sources to back up their claims under objective scrutiny in the court of public opinion and without the aid of being able to manipulate any footage via their cut and cheat editing. This ought to be a perfect opportunity for the Catrin Nye, Jeffrey Leigh-Jones, Dawn Ingram and all BBC Sources to silence any doubters in relation to their claims. It is also an opportunity for Lighthouse to present the evidence the BBC refused to receive and include in their broadcast and podcasts. This date is chosen to precede the True Crimes Podcasts Awards. (*Click the heading to go to this post on X)

12th March 2024

Lighthouse begin publishing evidence that disproves the first of hundreds of BBC lies and falsehoods

As the Countdown to the David Vs Goliath Showdown gets underway, Paul Waugh starts a process of publicly debunking the BBC’s falsehoods, lies and levels of deceit in A Very British Cult with tangible proof and evidence. This begins with the very title of the BBC programme itself and a daily process of this follows on X (formerly Twitter) in challenging the BBC to answer for its clearly proven deceit. However, the BBC and Catrin Nye remain silent and unresponsive. (*Click the heading to see this collated evidence)

March 25th 2024

Lighthouse reveal the BBC’s blatant anti-christian agenda

In a post by Paul Waugh on his now daily David Vs Goliath countdown confrontation of the BBC and Catrin Nye evidence clearly reveals the anti-Christian agenda of the BBC. This includes evidence the BBC refused to receive that reveals how the growth of Christian faith in Lighthouse was not an sudden overnight ‘rebranding’ exercise to avoid criticism, as the BBC tried to portray it, but had in fact begun many years before, as far back as 2017 and earlier. (*Click the heading to view this post and video)

2nd April 2024

Lighthouse Expose how A Very British Cult knowingly Supported and Protected A family guilty of child sexual Abuse to attack them

In a video compilation of recordings and evidence, Lighthouse reveals how the BBC lied to protect and support the family of Erin (Alias) featured in their programme. This is extremely significant as this family is behind and was a catalyst to the anti-Lighthouse smear campaign. They have sought to smear and destroy Lighthouse’s reputation and business in order to cover up and hide the crimes of Erin’s Stepbrother who raped her along with his friend when she was 13 yrs old. However, the BBC hid this from the public and lied about events to try and falsely blame Lighthouse for financially exploiting Erin. (*Click the heading to view the post on Paul Waugh’s X feed and the accompanying video)

13th April 2024

Paul Waugh Publishes an Open heartfelt letter to jeffrey leigh-jones on x

Paul shared an open-letter to Jeffrey as an appeal to his and any heart and any spirit of Christ that might be in him, if at all. Jeffrey having lied to the British media after presenting himself as a Christian brother to Paul and others while he was at Lighthouse had clearly put himself in a precarious situation with regards to his eternity and Paul’s letter to him was about being a brother to him in return, out of care for him and because of what his non-repentance will do to him. It greatly grieves Paul and those at Lighthouse the things that will need to be confronted publicly in order to hold Jeffrey accountable if he doesn’t repent. Jeffrey had shared a lot of disturbing and traumatic experiences he’d had with his family, including the fact his mother had once passionately kissed him, causing a lot of emotional turmoil in him, yet Jeffrey later painted a very different picture to the BBC in order to vilify Paul and Lighthouse. (*Click the heading to view the post on Paul Waugh’s X feed and the accompanying video)

15th April 2024

Paul Waugh announces the BBC’s Jimmy Savile Syndrome as the appropriate term to describe the institutional evil

The BBC’s Jimmy Savile Syndrome or BBC Savile Syndrome is termed by Paul Waugh on X. It is named after (likely) the most infamous and prolific child sex abuser to have lived and ever worked at the BBC (and that’s saying something) having preyed on around 500 vulnerable victims, some as young as two-years-old!! But the BBC Saville Syndrome is NOT JUST about paedophilia, as that is just a secondary outgrowth of the underlying problem.. the syndrome itself. (*Click the heading to view the post on Paul Waugh’s X feed and the accompanying video)

16th April 2024

Personal Invitations for David Vs Goliath sent to Catrin Nye and all involved with the BBC docu-soap hit-piece, ‘A Very British Cult’

With a week to go to the LIVE showdown date, personal invitations are sent out publicly on social media, as well as privately via email. The list of invitees includes BBC Director General Time Davie, Catrin Nye and her entire production team, Jeffrey Leigh-Jones, Dawn Ingram and all other BBC sources.

23rd April 2024

‘Goliath’ Fails to pitch up for the david vs goliath live showdown

As expected, none of those invited to the live, real-time showdown agree to attend and present their evidence under scrutiny, nor to hear and answer to Lighthouse’s evidence. This alone is a significant victory in proving to the public that the BBC and their sources have zero confidence in their position for what ought to have been an oportunity for them to humiliate Lighthouse and prove themselves vindicated. However, they reveal the complete opposite to the public by unmistakably and publicly undermining themselves. (*Click the heading to view the post on Paul Waugh’s X feed and the accompanying video)

24rd April 2024

LIghthouse send email to The Hosts of the True Crime Podcast Awards – MICHAEL Dynan: Founding Director of the assembly events

After sending an email to Michael Dynan and Nancy Baughen, directors at ‘The Assembly Events’, the company behind the awards it is posted as an open letter online for full public accountability. As with Haymarket (see 19th September 2023) the company is informed of the evidence against A Very British Cult and warned of their association with a highly deceitful and libellous deliberate hit-piece. No response is received from the events company this time and nothing is mentioned by Catrin Nye on social media about this either. (*Click the heading to read the full open letter on this website)

25th April 2024

Lighthouse Go To The True Crime Awards To Confront Catrin Nye In Person For Not Showing Up To David Vs Goliath and Snubbing All Calls For A Live Interview

Lighthouse Associates wait for several hours in the rain outside the Hilton Hotel on Bankside waiting for Catrin Nye and/or any of her productions team or sources to A Very British Cult to show up. The plan is to doorstep them outside the venue and obtain a live interview.. however, word seems to have gotten out and in the end, despite the boast on Instagram in February, no one pitched up.. again!

26th April 2024

Lighthouse start protests directly outside the bbc headquarters and call for director general tim davie and catrin nye to come out and speak to them

The BBC would not come to Lighthouse and they had dodged any possible confrontation outside the True Crime Awards the day before, so Lighthouse Associates took to protesting outside Broadcasting House in central London early in the morning. As well as speaking to members of the public and trying to interview BBC staff members, BBC security challenged Jatinder Singh about this who’s retort was a request to bring Tim Davie out to speak with him. Needless to say Mr Davie did not show up. Paul Waugh posted a video that captured this interaction on his X feed. (*Click the heading to view the post on Paul Waugh’s X feed and the accompanying video)

1st May 2024

Lighthouse announce the start of their own documentary about the BBC’s tyranny and evil titled: The British Broadcasting Cult

Seeking to delve into the mire of institutional evil in the form of the BBC’s Savile Syndrome, the documentary will expose the BBC for what it truly is on the back Of Lighthouse’s experiences. The aim is to reveal and show the public the BBC Savile Syndrome in all it’s raw and unfiltered form through a docu-series produced by Lighthouse Global Media. (*Click the heading to view this post on X)

5th May 2024

Melissa Deichler releases a candid video exposé on the lies told to the BBC by her father and bbc source, martin francis

Melissa describes her video as a u0022testament to the TRUTH and what ACTUALLY happened between myself and Martin Francis, my father. This is the truth the BBC and Catrin Nye don’t want you to know!u0022 The video exposes her turbulent relationship with her estranged father and his long history of mental and emotional abuse and neglect that caused her a great deal of suffering. (*Click the heading to view the post on Melissa’s X feed and the accompanying video)

11th May 2024

Paul Waugh Announces the BBC Compensation and Healing Programme to support victims of BBC institutional evil

Paul Waugh announces that he and Lighthouse u0022are now looking at the BBC and the many people they have hurt through Jimmy Savile and many many others because of the lying, cheating and deceitful culture (the #BBCSavileSyndrome)u0022. The plan with this programme is to not only help the BBC’s victims to heal, but to help give them a voice and a place to speak out, backed and supported by Christian brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ who are stepping up with Lighthouse to help them. (*Click the heading to view the full announcement post on Paul Waugh’s X feed and the accompanying video)

12th May 2024

Jai and Sukh Singh Call Catrin Nye on the phone

Jai and Sukh called Catrin Nye in order to set up an interview with her about the BBC’s atrocities, their paedophilia and the 140+ provable falsehoods in their docu-soap on nPaul Waugh and Lighthouse in A Very British Cult… The call itself was filmed and the results were very revealing! (*Click the heading to view their post on X and the video of their phone call as it happened)

16th May 2024


The majority of Lighthouse Associates gathered early in the morning to protest together outside Broadcasting House in central London armed with sandwich boards, placards and recording equipment to conduct interviews. Various members of the public and some BBC staff are spoken with, including one ex-BBC producer who gives some fascinating insights confirming the reality of the BBC Savile Syndrome that will later be published online. (*Click the heading to view Paul Waugh’s X post about this)

24th May 2024

A Thousand BBC Staff File Past and Ignore The Truth About the extent of BBC Paedophilia AFTER Jimmy Savile

Our Man in the Street, Jatinder Singh who has every week been standing outside Broadcasting House saw a fire alarm cause approximately 1,000 BBC staff forced to file past his protest sign with the number of childhood sexual assault allegations against BBC workers since 2013. He is shocked at the indifferent and scoffing and confronts them face-to-face, sharing the video footage of his experiences on X (*Click the heading to view the X post and video)

26th May 2024


Lighthouse Associate Partner shares a clip from an on-street interview conducted with an ex-BBC producer he met previously during our the 16th May protests in London. In this insightful interview the ex-BBC producer confirms rumours and shares more about the level of sexual propositioning and harassment endured by BBC staff. You can watch the full clip on X. (*Click the heading to view the post on X and watch the video)

1st June 2024


As Lighthouse Associates Jatinder Singh and Daniel Schmitz continue their weekly presence and protests outside Broadcasting House, ANOTHER ex-BBC employee (also a an ex-producer) shared his own experiences of working for the organisation. He shared with them both how he had himself been propositioned to advance his career by being offered opportunities to take cocaine with and then sleep with Senior BBC managers, who he called “The Coke Bosses”. (*Click the heading to view the post on X and watch their video account of this)

9th June 2024

David vs Goliath Docuseries New Trailer Is Released!

CAN YOU AFFORD TO TELL THE TRUTH? The trailer for the David vs Goliath Docuseries, “Exposing The British Broadcasting Cult” is released and posted on X. Lighthouse call on all Christians to register to watch the first episode once its released and to help stand up against tyranny and evil! (*Click the heading to view the post on X and watch their video account of this)

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