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Who initiated David vs Goliath?

The David vs Goliath Showdown is a pioneering publisher and platform by Lighthouse Global Media (LGM). It was born from the first-hand experiences of the founding partners of Lighthouse Global, having been the targets of the BBC’s deceptive hit piece on us, known as “A Very British Cult”. It was the equivalent of a public hanging, and it would have utterly destroyed most businesses and families. You can find out more about how we are holding UK government agencies to account for their tyrannical abuse of power.

Who are Lighthouse Global?

Lighthouse Global is a secular organisation and started with the seemingly simple question to find out, why millions of people never truly realise their God-given human potential? Over the course of 20 years of extensive and intensive research, frustration, pain as well as joy, we realised how bad a state humanity is in. We realised that we are sorely deprived of a true education and upbringing to develop us into highly effective adults capable of achieving extraordinary value! We found that the self help industry was a money-making myth, that the only way to truly transform is through God’s power and grace, not soley through man. Our core mission, is to ensure we never have to say no to those in need, where we ought to say yes, inside and outside our own homes. However, we cannot say “yes” while under the oppression of tyrannical forces, be they in the media, government, toxic and abusive families or even jealous romantic partners!

How and why did Lighthouse Associates become Christian?

After 20 exhaustive years of often working 18 hours a day, our pursuit to fulfil our mission has led us further to the truth and reality of why most people don’t achieve their goals. Ultimately, as a secular organisation, the sheer determination, pursuit of success and frustration at the lack of true lasting change, this led us to God and realising that to optimise anything in life and business, we need to connect to the source of all life and business! We are a secular leadership business with a founding team of increasingly committed Christians.

Paul Waugh, founder and CEO, will soon be sharing his personal testimony in Christ. You can follow him on to read his own testimony firsthand…

Why was David vs Goliath launched?

It would shock most people to know how easily they can have their reputation, income, livelihood completely and utterly destroyed by a handful of anonymous and vindictive individuals…

In 2021, we were caught largely unaware and attacked by a small bitter group of ex-clients and their toxic, abusive families demanding undue refunds. What began as a small smear campaign online, turned into a tyrannical process of entrapment, employing the national press and UK government agencies to try and execute a public hanging of our business to shut us down. It was set up unfairly from the word go. 

We live in a toxic cancel culture where people’s careers and sanity can be decimated instantly. We quickly realised how easy it is for anonymous predatory trolls to cause the demise of a business. When that happens, those trolls are destroying the lives, the safety and wellbeing of families and children. What happened to us can and does happen to millions of unsuspecting business owners, parents, families, and children. What was intended for evil, we, through the grace of God, are using this for the good of others to protect them from tyranny and oppression.

What are the desired outcomes of David vs Goliath?

In a nutshell, most people are unable to defend themselves from the abuse of predatory trolls, a media smear campaign, or a draconian government agency hellbent on shutting them down. Our main intentions for David vs Goliaths are:

Commit to Truth and Reality:

In a world of falsehoods and deception, we need institutions, publishers and platforms we can trust because of everyone’s individual commitment to truth. This starts with ourselves.

Stand up to Tyranny:

Any form of oppression, injustice, abuse against the vulnerable, fragile and innocent must be exposed and held to account. Evil prevails when good people stand by and do nothing.


We believe everyone deserves a chance to repent, to reform and regenerate. We are pro-good governance and ensuring the right hearted and minded people are in positions of trust and responsibility.

CREATE 'Reach':

Without the reach of millions globally, we are at the mercy of mainstream media and their agenda and corrupt exploitation of individuals and organisations who don’t have the same reach.

Defend the everyday man & woman:

Ordinary people are caught in the crosshairs of large, influential institutions like the media and government. Without the right resources and support, those people don’t stand a chance of defending themselves.

Build a Global Groundswell:

The ‘small man’ will no longer be bullied and we are building a global groundswell of 10-100 million human beings committed to solving problems inside and outside our homes. Together we can create the reach needed to hold these Goliaths/tyrannical institutions accountable while developing and acquiring the human, material, and financial resources to never say no, where we ought to say yes inside and outside our front door.

Do I need to be Christian to be part of David vs Goliath?

No. What David vs Goliath stands for applies to every single area of life and business. We must be able to face tyranny. We must be able to discern truth from lies. We must protect our children, whatever race, religion and background they are. We must no longer tolerate the fact that we are often fragmented, weak and isolated. Institutions like the legacy media rely on the fact that most people are ineffective, alone, under-resourced, under-funded and therefore easily controlled and oppressed.

We have a meaningful growing Christian Groundswell but we also have a purely secular arm. Especially for the protection and love of children.. which directly or indirectly really opens things up very broadly and deeply indeed. In line with the above we want as many people involved as possible where they can.


Sign up here to keep updated. The first live showdown is happening on April 23rd, 2024.
If you need help personally in your own life to stand up to any Goliaths, be they in your family, business or from anywhere else, you can let us know when you sign up and one of the Lighthouse team will be in touch with you.


A handful of maliciously intended predatory trolls can easily trigger tyranny, take advantage of governmental incompetence and launch corrupt investigations to destroy your reputation and therefore livelihood. By combining resources, networks, opportunities, funding, and more, we are far stronger together and can stand up to tyrannous, oppressive forces like the legacy media and corrupt governments. Right now they think they’re untouchable and they need to know they’re not!


Very simply for two reasons.

First, we are all far more vulnerable than we realise… the chronic trend we have discovered after 20 years of research is, if you want to produce any meaningful form of value in this world; a loving family, a great business or career, you’re going to get attacked in this toxic cancel culture we live in. It could be an angry customer, a jealous partner, a toxic work colleague, let alone the giant powers of the media and government!

Second, how do you prepare yourself to handle that? We all need enough of the right people around us to help us do the right things, to get the right results, seek justice and defend ourselves. This is what we call, a groundswell. You can try and risk it on your own, or be part of a global movement of millions of people by your side and you by theirs, to defend and support one another.

Goliaths come in many forms! They can be a toxic family member, controlling partner, draconian boss, tyrannical government agency, you name it, there’s a Goliath in virtually every organisation, if not the organisation itself. David vs Goliath is about the everyday man and woman being able to stand up to tyranny. The legacy media are just one of those Goliaths.


A small group of bitter, ex-clients demanded refunds from Lighthouse they simply were not due. Imagine in your final year of your degree, you asked the University for a refund because your partner doesn’t like you studying? This is the absurdity and they knew they could not pursue the legal route, so they went to the press with malicious lies and false accusations to try and destroy our reputation.

The BBC is known for being biased and prejudiced in their output, as well as often violating their own standards of impartiality. Rather than look inside their own house and address the chronic child abuse that has clearly been rife for decades, fronted by Catrin Nye, they chose Lighthouse as what they thought was an easy target to execute a ‘public hanging’. We were an easy target for them, they have influence with tens of millions of people worldwide. A near century-long history with the British public. They could put us under the public guillotene with clever editing and false narratives, and get away with it, to depict us as an oppressive cult. This is a well-worked tactic by legacy media, to project and deflect onto others, the very crimes and unlawful behaviour they are guilty of. Just consider how the BBC have mishandled the Jimmy Savile crisis over the decades…


Don’t! We don’t expect you to! That’s exactly why we are holding the live, unedited, David vs Goliath showdown on April 23rd! So you can see for yourself a full disclosure of the facts and evidence in order to glean what is objective and what is subjective hearsay non-sense and hear all the facts for yourself!

In fact, we want as many people as is globally possible to watch the BBC’s so called documentary/soap opera twice. Once before they experience the David vs Goliath Showdown of these tyrants and then the second time after they have watched The David vs Goliath Showdown!

Register here to be kept updated about the live showdown and find out the truth for yourself.


April 23rd, 2024.

We will present the full, fair body of facts and evidence about Lighthouse Global.

We’re going to show the world the legacy media’s tactics and methods to deceive you! Every single person in this world needs to understand that when they’re reading something when it doesn’t add up and when it doesn’t have substance. We all need to know what makes a journalist actually credible, when they call themselves an ‘investigative’ journalist, such as with the BBC’s Catrin Nye.


The case of Lighthouse vs The BBC is just the beginning. There are, tragically, many thousands of cases worldwide, where conscientious, hardworking men and women are being oppressed under the tyranny of toxic families, toxic bosses, tyrannous media institutions and corrupt government. Horrifyingly, there are many cases where children are literally being abused, starved and trafficked. One recent case in development is in the small town of Nieu-Bethesda, South Africa.


There are three phases to our approach we have taken in response to the attacks on us for the last three years:

Reconciliation: With every single person who has had a disagreement with us, we have sought out win-win or no deal opportunities on numerous occasions both directly and publicly (provable and evidential). Instead of working through the differences, most took to the internet to anonymously attack Lighthouse. This was because of resentments they held for not having everything their own way and also because of their sheer inability to maturely reason and discuss resolutions. They have literally made things worse for themselves and created animosity and problems where it wasn’t necessary. One example in particular, was with an individual we offered a compassionate refund to, due to their ill health. However, instead of accepting the offer graciously and because of pressure from their Lighthouse hating spouse, they not only ignored the offer, but ignored all contact for months. Eventually (to keep a long story short) they turned on and attacked Lighthouse going on Reddit anonymously to do so. And this was after they attempted to blackmail Lighthouse (which of course was rejected) and threatened to go to the national press. Which they did! 

Defence: Our attackers have almost entirely hidden behind pseudonyms while attacking us, posting racist abuse about us, hate speech, even doxxing some of the children’s locations of Lighthouse partners. We have always put our names in the open in the public, and appealed to our attackers personally to warn them about the consequences of their attacks on us. Many are guilty of criminal and civil assaults, and we wanted to avoid going to the police or their employers at all costs, so for over a year we appealed to them to see logic and reason. They not only refused to do this, they mocked and took our kindness and generosity of spirit as weakness. We even wrote to their employers of our attackers informing them of the malicious, predatory individuals in their employ and asked them to give them counsel in an attempt to prevent anything further. We also went to the police to officially record their criminal and unlawful activity.

Offence: After a year of relentless attacks on Lighthouse, its partners and our families, we decided we needed to protect ourselves and our children. Finally, as a last resort we have chosen to profile them publicly online, since neither their employers nor the police took the consequences of these criminals seriously. Along with the accountability we will be going down formal and legal routes to ensure justice prevails and set a precedent to ensure others don’t suffer the same plight as we and our families have over the last few years.

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