‘A Very British Cult’ has been nominated for a True Crime Award under the category of “outstanding investigative reporting”. The irony of this is that these awards are about truth and crime, when the BBC are the criminals and there are over 120 provable and evidential falsehoods in the programme. The other laughable irony is that there was no legitimate investigation but a one-sided narrative.

The below open letter is addressed to Michael Dynan and Nancy Baughen, directors at ‘The Assembly Events’, the events company behind the awards. Let’s not forget Catrin Nye won the wooden spoon at her last awards, which she paid to be nominated. How embarrassing.

Letter To MICHAEL Dynan: Founding Director of the assembly events 

Dear Mr Dynan

As part of this open letter, I respectfully request that the nomination of ‘A Very British Cult’ and its producers Catrin Nye, Ravin Sampat, and Natalie Truswell be withdrawn from the True Crimes Awards with immediate effect. We have drawn a line with people and businesses taking advantage of malicious lies and deception and capitalising on a smear campaign against Lighthouse Global and Paul Waugh that has caused a significant amount of damage and pain to our lives, our reputations, our livelihoods, and our families. Including two people at Lighthouse who have attempted to take their own lives as a direct result of ‘A Very British Cult’, its lies and intentional deception. 

THE REAL CRIME – The BBC’s & Catrin Nye’s rap sheet

The irony is the awards imply truth and crime, but neither is accurate in the case of ‘A Very British Cult’. The drama (a true documentary should involve objectivity, not sensationalism) is NOT TRUE and NOT CRIMINAL. The real criminals are the BBC and specifically its producers and disastar of the show, BBC journalist, Catrin Nye ( The bottom line is NO one at Lighthouse Global has been even questioned by police, let alone convicted of a crime. Which, very evidently, is in complete contradiction of your supposed subject matter! The reality is that it is the BBC that is guilty of multiple crimes and the extent of the BBC’s wrongdoing and crimes in relation to ‘A Very British Cult’ are significant, including:

1. Protecting and covering up child sex abusers and those complicit in this crime. Again! Have the BBC not learned from their many past examples of this, most notoriously Jimmy Savile and do your awards really want to be associated with such acts!? 

    • You can see and listen to the evidence in ‘Erin’s’ own words here:

2. Hundreds of outright provable and evidential lies, contextual deceit, and deliberate omissions. The programme is being investigated by Ofcom for well over 120 falsehoods and violations against the broadcasting code of conduct.

3. Complicit (at the very least) in the unlawful obtaining of highly sensitive and personal data.

4. Ignoring the risk to life, including a child, by putting two people who had already attempted to take their own lives at Lighthouse under further potentially fatal pressure.

5. Religious hate speech directed at individuals at Lighthouse 

The above actions and evidence cannot be overlooked. The fact that, in the title alone, ‘A Very British Cult’, three of the four words are themselves proven to be lies. That is just the title and should give you a very good idea as to the bias, prejudice, and outrageously dark and pernicious intentions of the BBC, as well as the shockingly poor journalism involved in the production. 


Given the nomination of ‘A Very British Cult’ falls under the category of “Outstanding Investigative Reporting”, let me enlighten you as to how unprofessional and deceptive the BBC actually are and have been in this case, when it comes to their so-called investigation and their journalistic standards (if I can even call it that). Firstly, an investigation involves at least two parties, the plaintiff and the defendant. ‘A Very British Cult’ however, is designed to be a one-sided hearsay hit piece that intentionally excluded any of our offers for evidence and involvement in their 18-month production. A production which was almost entirely dedicated to focus on our false accusers, the BBC’s sources. See evidence here..

The BBC has purposely and knowingly lied in order to deceive the public by stating that Mr Paul Waugh, Mr Jai Singh, and Lighthouse all refused to be interviewed by the BBC as part of ‘their right to reply’. This is an outright and provable lie! In fact, we had asked numerous times to speak with and be investigated by the BBC, right from the early inception stages of their programme. However, we were instead point-blank refused by producer Natalie Truswell which is evidenced in writing. Furthermore, the BBC claimed in their podcast that they somehow ‘broke cover’ with their investigation in February 2023. Once again this is a flagrant and categorically provable lie and we can prove that any ‘cover’ they had was in fact broken by ourselves when we approached the BBC about the planned broadcast asking to contribute in September 2022, NOT when the BBC finally approached us, as they claim. 

The bottom line here is that we have asked countless times for the right to reply live and in real-time, away from the chop-and-cheat propaganda cutting room floor (BBC editing suite), with the same level of audience reach given to our accusers. But we have been denied this. You have to question this very crucial point, WHY are Paul Waugh and Lighthouse being censored? 

Speaking of our right to reply, we have invited the BBC, including Catrin Nye, the producers, and Director General Tim Davie to a live and real-time David vs Goliath Showdown Series launched today! To our disappointment but also expectation, our ‘Goliath’ (The BBC) did not even bother to reply, let alone show up. Instead, they are running for the hills because such transparency would prove the BBC is not on the right side of the objective truth. If they were, believe me, they would be relishing the opportunity to shut us up and put us in our place. Especially given how much Catrin Nye desperately craves such significance and courts the limelight. Lighthouse on the other hand is (in very un-cult-like fashion) welcoming the transparency and has invited the BBC to come and reveal their evidence, as we reveal ours in a full and fair disclosure of the facts. Catrin Nye and the BBC are very evidently running and hiding from this because they know full well, that they have lied and deceived and produced a drama where real lives have been hijacked and people’s real characters assassinated. This is an outrage! 


Such is the depth and breadth of the BBC’s lies, deception, covering up and criminality that the public is starting to see a very dark, pernicious and hidden agenda behind ‘A Very British Cult’ and the BBC’s motives overall. The British public and forced licence fee payers are becoming more and more indignant at paying to be lied to. We will make sure, through the David vs Goliath Showdown Series, that every forced licence fee payer is aware of the institutional evil that is pervasive throughout the BBC and have coined this exceptionally well as, the BBC Savile Syndrome. 

If you ask yourself, why is the BBC so dishonest? Why do they lie to the extent they do? Why do they cover up instead of accepting responsibility and repenting? Why are they so dark? Why have they had so many paedophiles in their ranks who were allowed to commit what they did for so long? There’s a reason for it all… THE BBC JIMMY SAVILE SYNDROME! The Syndrome is everything the BBC do. They lie, cheat, cover up, deceive, and they never apologise. This will be a millstone around their necks and so you (The Assembly Events) now have every chance to come out of this situation whiter than white by not being associated with the BBC Savile Syndrome and being complicit in their lies and deceit and the damage they cause to innocent people’s lives and families. 

For more on the BBC Savile Syndrome:


You may or may not be aware but we wrote directly and in an open letter to Haymarket Media Group CEO (Kevin Costello) about the nomination of ‘A Very British Cult’ at the British Podcast Awards. Unfortunately for Mr Costello and Haymarket Media Group, they chose to ignore the extensive evidence and ignore our request. Despite Catrin Nye winning the wooden spoon and paying for the nomination, we will subsequently use them as an example as part of the David vs Goliath Showdown Series to educate the public about these tyrannical institutions and their unscrupulous modus operandi and pernicious collaboration. A decision I am sure that Mr Costello is regretting and will certainly come to regret far more in time, the more exposure and attention we drive to this situation. Please heed my warning when I say, what ‘A Very British Cult’ has done here, the monumental levels of lies and deceit will become a monumental if not terminal stain on the BBC’s reputation. That is only a matter of time. I pray you do not make Mr Costello’s poor judgement and decision your own and join them in the inevitable ignominy. We foresee Ms Nye becoming a BBC equivalent of Nick Leeson for a reason as we hold her and her fellow tyrants accountable through the court of public opinion. 

In Closing

So Mr Dynan, I’m appealing to you not to make the same mistake as these psychopathic fools who capitalise on the pain and destruction of others and are the living embodiment of the BBC Savile Syndrome. The true crime here is that of the BBC. This is by no means a threat, but a plea to do the righteous and honourable thing and withdraw the nomination of ‘A Very British Cult’. Failing to do so will only mean propagating their lies, deception and crimes and would not reflect well on your business at all. Anything based on falsehoods never ends well and I would hate to see a small business suffer because they didn’t know any better. You now have the evidence above through various links and you are well-equipped to make the right decision, our consciences can be clear for having sufficiently informed and warned you in advance. 

In closing, I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best in the up and coming awards on Thursday night. 


Kris Deichler