The Purpose Of This Letter

Mr Davie,

You were warned over a year ago, prior to the broadcast of ‘A Very British Cult’, stating very clearly that your cynical and unscrupulous agenda will not end well. How can anything that is founded in falsehoods end well?! You thought Lighthouse was an easy hit and you’re now realising how wrong you were.

With every passing day we are not only debunking your outrageous lies, we are illuminating the public as to your wrongdoing and exposing the institutional evil that is deeply syndromic and systemic throughout the BBC. It is through this enlightening education that we’re growing substantially through a global groundswell of support, leading up to the David vs Goliath Showdown Series and beyond.

This includes helping the public on how to discern truth from falsehoods and how to handle deceivers and tyrants accountable. It’s through David vs Goliath that we will be exposing in greater detail the institutional evil and its outgrowths. This includes the extensive lies, deception and criminality of the BBC in relation to ‘A Very British Cult’.

Lighthouse has always asked for a full and fair disclosure of the facts; using evidence, logic and sound reasoning and the BBC has clearly demonstrated, on numerous occasions, that it is not interested at all in objective truth and reality. Facts that your production team refused to receive when they could have done, because of a blatant BBC agenda, bias, prejudice and determination to falsely slander and label Lighthouse a cult. However, this is all endemic of a syndrome now termed and to be known as the ‘BBC Savile Syndrome’, which I’ll go on to explain further below and something that you will need to answer for as Director General of the BBC.

With that in mind, the purpose of this open letter and communication is to…

  1. Make clear to you (although we are convinced you are fully aware of this already) as to the reality and extent of provable and evidential lies and deception committed by the BBC, including criminal wrongdoing. All of which are products of institutional evil and the pervasive ‘BBC Savile Syndrome’.
  2. Remind you that you personally have been invited to the start of the David Vs Goliath Showdown Series, starting on the 23rd April 2024.
  3. Implore you and the BBC to REFORM in the true sense and meaning of the word.

The BBC Savile Syndrome

Such is the depth and breadth of the BBC’s lies, deceit, covering up and criminality that the public are starting to see a very dark, pernicious and hidden agenda behind ‘A Very British Cult’ and the BBC’s motives in producing and promoting it in the way that they have. 

If one asked why is the BBC so dishonest? Why do they lie to the extent they do? Why do they cover up instead of accepting responsibility and repenting? Why are they so dark? Why have they had so many paedophiles in their ranks? There’s a reason for it all… THE BBC JIMMY SAVILE SYNDROME! The Syndrome is everything the BBC do. You lie, cover up, deceive and never apologise. The BBC attack, you go silent, you bring on more lies to try and knock out the person or group that’s holding you and the BBC accountable to those lies. The BBC attacks people who can’t fight back for the most part. You’re bullies, you’re cheats and you mainly nail the people who are paying licence fees. We are paying you to decimate our lives! Your modus operandi is being exposed, tyrants!

The BBC is an organisation, through the BBC Savile Syndrome, that has done nothing to help the victims of those paedophiles. Have you ever apologised to each and every one of those victims and their families? Have you compensated them? No, but what you ARE doing is charging the forced licence fee payer more money, without compensating those people. This is outrageous!  

Has the BBC repented and paid penance? Are you contrite? This syndrome is way way more than just the paedophilia involved. It’s what you haven’t done about it. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it’s worse than the actual act! But it’s certainly part of the whole syndrome of deceit, of lying, of cheating, of hiding, of blaming and then still writing about and hitting other people with false accusations, as though you are paragons of virtue. This is evil Mr Davie… This is the BBC Savile Syndrome.  

The BBC Savile Syndrome is a legitimate condition of the institutional evil that is within the BBC itself. A syndrome is the first thing that evil produces and that syndrome always produces fruit. By the fruit we will know the syndrome and only an organisation that is deeply deceitful, deeply dishonest, deeply anti-Christ, deeply anti-truth, deeply satanic, deeply syndromic could possibly operate the way the BBC did to hold onto Jimmy Savile as long as they did, knowing what he was doing.  The syndrome is a real living, breathing evil and it’s fostered in a lack of repentance, lack of forgiveness, lack of contrition, lack of humility, lack of humanness, lack of truth. This right here Mr Davie, is where true reform starts, not with the TV licence (I’ll explain more further down regarding my appeal to the BBC to reform).  

When people look up intuitional evil, they will find the ‘BBC Savile Syndrome’.  People now have something observable, discernable and powerful to hang all of your evil on; the lies, the deception, the wrongdoing, the criminality, the cover ups, the propaganda, the lack of apology, the lack of repentance and so on. 

The term is a revelation because it reveals the underlying root and cause of all the BBC’s torrid history of abuses, the evil syndrome itself that leads to those abuses. The phrase ‘BBC Savile Syndrome’ is so impactful and accurate in people’s hearts and minds, that it has now become phenomenal. So much so that #BBCSavileSyndrome is trending on X (formerly Twitter) this week and is becoming a phenomenon in its own right. 

More on The BBC Savile Syndrome: 

So let’s take a look at some of the fruits and the extent of the BBC’s wrongdoing and criminality in relation to ‘A Very British Cult’ and how the BBC Savile Syndrome manifests itself…

The Extent Of The BBC’s Wrong-Doing And Criminality

Such is the depth and breadth of the BBC’s lies, deceit, covering up and criminality that the public are starting to see the dark and hidden agenda behind ‘A Very British Cult’ and your motives. The extent of which includes…

  1. Hundreds of outright provable and evidential lies, contextual deceit, deliberate omissions.
  2. Complicity (at the very least) in unlawfully obtaining highly sensitive and personal data.
  3. Ignoring the risk to life, including a child, by putting two people who had already attempted to take their own lives at Lighthouse under further potentially fatal pressure.
  4. Religious hate speech directed at Lighthouse 
  5. Protecting and covering up child sex abusers and those complicit in this crime. Again!  

The public is becoming more outraged at being lied to by the BBC and our case is so extreme that the more the public and forced licence fee payers come to learn about it, the more fuel is put on the fire! Our case is so substantial and the BBC’s Savile Syndrome is so pervasive, that it doesn’t just explain and reveal the BBC’s dark pathology and character, or lack thereof, but the sheer incompetence and disregard for people’s lives, their families, children and livelihoods. It beggars belief that you thought you could get away with such blatant lies, but we know this is systemic throughout the BBC and not just with ‘A Very British Cult’. What’s more astounding however, is  how incompetent you, Catrin Nye and the BBC as a whole are at lying. One of the fruits of the Savile Syndrome is arrogance and hubristic pride and in this case, your arrogance has severely (and perhaps fatally for your organisation’s reputation) clouded your judgement. It was so bad that you were brazen enough in the broadcast to announce the fact you had unlawfully obtained highly sensitive and personal data belonging to Lighthouse. It’s as shameless as still having the statue by paedophile Eric Gill outside the BBC’s headquarters.

This begs the question, if you know the truth of the situation, why did the BBC have to lie and deceive forced TV licence fee payers to the extent that you did? We know the answer, the ‘BBC’s Jimmy Savile Syndrome’. Nick Leeson of Barings bank was also very brazen, so much so, that he thought he could get away with his crimes, but we know what became of him and one of Britian’’s oldest Merchant Banks. It does make me wonder if journalist Catrin Nye will soon become known as the BBC’s own Nick Leeson!

Disregarding The Risk To Life

The list of wrong-doing includes hundreds of lies, contextual deceptions and deliberate omissions in one broadcast alone, which must be a record if not close to being one. The lies and deception are so significant alone, as it is, but it gets far worse as, what will reveal the psychopathic pathology of those at the BBC further, is the complete disregard for anyone else other than themselves and their own personal gain, at the expense of real people’s lives and families. All fruits of the BBC Saville Syndrome. You have taken the forced licence fee payers for fools and this is about to end as we will reach every last licence fee payer in order to enlighten them on the reality of what they are actually funding. Believe me, your idea of reforming the TV licence will be the least of your worries. 

You have disregarded numerous warnings, including those of Ofcom, about the risk to life involving specific individuals at Lighthouse and that of a child’s life. You blatantly disregarded these warnings and just like the modern day Roman Colosseum, you have sought to feed the bloodthirsty crowd and revelled in their praise and glory. As a direct result, two people at Lighthouse who have attempted to take their own lives were put at great risk of doing so again, due to your negligence. Many more have suffered too, including their own children being sleepless at night, not knowing what to expect next or wanting to face their peers at school and the associated undeserved ridicule, all because of the falsehoods propagated and fueled by the BBC in the name of ‘entertaining television’. Lucy Mangan of the Guardian described Lighthouse as the “worst of humanity” after watching your programme. Yes I am a sinful man, as every human being is, but Ms Mangan’s statement is utterly subjective and ludicrously malinformed, because of your lies. At the same time I take that as a great compliment coming from someone like Ms Mangan and your ilk. I’ve learnt very quickly that if the mainstream media are praising you, it’s time to be very concerned!  

However Mr Davie, it gets much much worse from here. Bad as it is, yours and the BBC’s extent of wrong-doing and criminality does not stop here.

Protecting And Covering Up Child Sex Abuse

Finally, and probably the worst of all the crimes in relation to Lighthouse, is the BBC’s involvement in protecting child sex abusers and those complicit in the case of ‘Erin’ by covering up their heinous acts… Again!! Given the BBC’s history and controversy surrounding paedophilia, it seems you and your cohorts cannot help yourselves and again you find yourselves involved on the wrong side of another child sex abuse case. You need to take this extremely seriously Mr Davie, because the forced licence fee payer will be outraged when they learn about the extent of your wrongdoing and the institutional evil and syndromic state of the BBC. In 2013, according to the Guardian, after the Jimmy Saville scandal was publicised, “20 BBC employees faced 36 allegations of sexually abusing children and teenage victims”. The BBC is so rotten that there are a total of 152 recent and historic allegations of sexual abuse against 81 BBC employees and freelancers. That is a significant and systemic problem that you, as the Director General, need to face and answer for… The BBC Savile Syndrome

Mr Davie, true reform involves acknowledging one’s own wrongdoing through a commitment to truth and reality, even when it’s inconvenient. It doesn’t start with the TV licence or further perpetuating lies and gloating like Catrin Nye. True reform involves repenting and paying penance and anything less is just an attempt to ‘polish a turd’. Something the BBC has become very distinguished at. Without truth, what is there and without starting with the truth there can be no genuine reformation. So I implore you as the person at the helm of the BBC to start with yourself and repent for your wrongdoing and reform. I pray you do at least for your own salvation. 

David Vs Goliath Showdown Series 1

In line with reform and in the name of justice and fairness, we have invited you personally to the David vs Goliath Showdown Series on the 23rd April 2024. 

The David vs Goliath Showdown Preview

We want to offer you the opportunity, one that you denied Paul Waugh and Lighthouse, the right to reply live and in real-time. The opportunity to defend your lies and present your evidence. Please remember with this, that no response is a response and we will ensure that millions will see whether you, Ravin Sampat, Natalie Truswell, and Catrin Nye turn up to the show.

We are going to educate the public on how tyrants, like the BBC, abuse the freedom of the press rather than respect it, amongst many other deceptive tactics that have aided the legacy media to take advantage of innocent people and profit from their suffering. The David vs Goliath Showdown is a global opportunity for the right people and organisations to be involved in this inaugural production by Lighthouse Global Media. One which will be an ongoing series that features many other cases and situations where the BBC Savile Syndrome rears its ugly head. It will give ordinary people and organisations that require a large scale public platform and sufficient reach, an opportunity for them to set the record straight; whether dealing with mainstream media, the government, corporates, or whoever it may be, that are suppressing the truth and abusing their position and responsibility. We are inviting the public to give their opinion and a voice to the public at large.

I am incensed and outraged and we will ensure you and the BBC are held accountable for your wrongdoing by the court of public opinion. More specifically with the forced TV licence fee payers, who are effectively paying to be lied to! While the general public may have superficially bought into your lies and propaganda initially, we will continually educate them as to the reality of the BBC Savile Syndrome. That will include exposing the hundreds of destructive lies, deceptions and the underhanded tactics, along with the half truths and superficial justifications for your wrongdoing and crimes. We will expose the BBC for its institutional evil and the public will come to know of your character and the extent of the BBCs incompetence. The public will learn to discern and glean reality, as well as understand the modus operandi and sinister agenda of the BBC.

Is This The Pride Before The Fall?

Through our experience we are building a global groundswell of support with great perspicuity and I will be sharing more with you at a later stage on exactly how we are building this groundswell, starting with The Great Conversation. 

A little insight into The Great Conversation

As you can see from the post above, there is an incredible degree of thought and intelligence going into the development of this global groundswell and no doubt you will see this unfold over the next few weeks and months to come. 

One of the realities we will constantly remind the public of, is that the BBC does not exist on its own merit, but it exists and can only exist because of us – the public. We, the forced licence fee payers, are funding the BBC and you are beholden to us. Unfortunately for you and your fellow false propagators, you act like it’s the other way around! This is going to be a harsh reality check for the BBC. 

For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” Matthew 23:12

The BBC has caused a significant amount of damage and pain to our lives, our business and our families and we will exhaust every opportunity to ensure that you and the BBC are held fully accountable for this outrage! You need to get this Mr Davie, WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY until justice is served and wrongs are made right, including reform and compensation! 

You had every opportunity to make things right and you’ve chosen to be silent. The BBC has not acknowledged any wrongdoing and that in itself is a significant statement. With every development we share, we are receiving a growing level of support as part of a global groundswell to stand up to tyranny. 

To add further insult to injury, the BBC have gone to great lengths to censor our right to reply live and in real time. Yet you have gladly supported your own sources, our false accusers and assailants, with that very opportunity you have kept from us. Why? What happened to impartiality? Isn’t that meant to be the founding principle of the BBC, or are you rather partial to impartiality, as you are clearly demonstrating… The BBC Savile Syndrome. 

How The ‘Mighty’ Fall

The public are growing tired and indignant at mainstream media taking advantage of innocent people and it’s reaching a tipping point. The public are angry and they’re waiting for the right group of people with character and a grounded commitment to reality and truth, to get behind and back them against the mainstream media and governmental Goliath’s. Mr Davie, we are that group of individuals that will never surrender, the David’s to your Goliath. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain and, as James Baldwin so accurately put, “The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.” History as a repetitive theme of the ‘David’s’ triumphing over the Goliaths and rising against tyranny; from the Israelites over the Philistines, the French Revolution, Mahatma Gandhi, Desmond Doss, Rosa Parks, and Nelson Mandela.

In Closing

I’ll leave you with the profound words of Margaret Mead which will be reverberating in your minds through the duration of the David vs Goliath Showdown into eternity…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Kris Deichler

Lighthouse Global