From left to right, Adrian Bell, Former CEO, Dawn Ingram, Fundraising Director, Andrew Jameson Current CEO, Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity

How did the BBC obtain access to Lighthouse’s calls and over 16,000 pages of transcripts without us knowing? Were these transcripts obtained legally? No! Dawn Ingram, girlfriend of Jeffrey Leigh-Jones, and a predatory troll in her own right, stole these documents and gave them to the BBC. We have legally requested information on everything Miss Ingram obtained, through the Information Commissioner’s Office, which she has refused to cooperate with. Unsurprisingly, this predatory troll is not obeying the authorities and so we have requested the cooperation of her boss, Adrian Bell, at the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity. As you will read below, we have tried to contact Mr Bell several times regarding Miss Ingram’s criminal activities, which he has ignored.

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Letter to Adrian Bell, Brian Gilvary and Sir Jonathon Band – Notice of ICO Investigation On Dawn Ingram For Data Theft


We have since learned that Adrian Bell left his role in May 2023 at the RNRMC and Andrew Jameson is the new CEO, so we have included our email to Mr Jameson. Dr Brian Gilvary is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for RMNC and the Chairman of Ineos Energy. Admiral Sir Jonathon Band is the President of the RMNC. He has retired from serving in the Royal Navy and retains Board positions with Carnival Corporation/PLC and Harland & Wolff.


Mr Jameson,

I have been informed that since May 2023, you have taken up Adrian Bell’s role of CEO of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

I am sending this to you directly to ensure that given your duty of care to your benefactors, beneficiaries and staff that you are fully aware of the truth relating to Dawn Ingram, her criminality, and the risk she poses to you and your work at RNRMC. Given the lack of response from the leadership of the RNRMC this letter will be posted publicly online so that anyone associated with Dawn Ingram is well aware of who they are dealing with.

We have strong reason to believe that the private documents and recordings outlined below were not only stolen by Ms Ingram while being paid by RNRMC, but may well have been downloaded onto and kept on a RNRMC laptop by her which further incriminates yourselves. This is being thoroughly investigated by the ICO and other bodies.

I shall keep you informed as to our progress on all relevant fronts.

Jai Singh




Mr Bell,

I am writing to you to inform you that your director, Miss Dawn Ingram, has been reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office for provable theft of private and personal data from over 20 individuals at Lighthouse Global (formerly Lighthouse International Group). I am currently also exploring avenues with Hampshire Police under crime reference number: 4*********. Unlawfully obtaining or accessing personal data is a criminal offence under section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998. 

We have submitted evidence that Miss Ingram unlawfully obtained unauthorised access to our systems using her partner Jeffrey Leigh-Jones’s login to download over 16,000 pages of private and sensitive data and Intellectual Property including: business meeting transcripts, private counselling sessions, and other personal audio recordings. This data and highly sensitive information was passed onto the BBC (without permission) for misuse in their documentary “A Very British Cult” in which recordings were deliberately cut, doctored and manipulated to defame myself and Lighthouse. As a consequence, I have personally received hundreds of abhorrent and threatening messages including death threats, as a result of the malicious falsehoods, disinformation, and misinformation contained in the broadcast, of which Ofcom are investigating over 120 falsehoods and disinformation. These have also been reported to West Midlands police. 

The 20 individuals involved have all consented to the ICO and police investigation as they had no part in the BBC documentary and their personal and private recordings were stolen by Dawn Ingram aided by her partner, Jeffrey Leigh-Jones regarding their personal and financial vendetta against us. I have been advised by our legal counsel that not only is this misuse of private information but it is a criminal act under the Theft Act 1968 and the updated Data Protection Act 2018.

Mr Bell, you, and your organisation are now at the center of a massive scandal and coverup, one that no individual or organisation can afford and you have only yourself to blame. I remind you that I wrote multiple times to warn you of Dawn Ingram’s hateful and vengeful campaign against myself and my organisation and now she and you will pay the consequences. I warned you in April 2022 and again in May 2022. My director Chris Nash wrote to you in October 2022. You took no action whatsoever and never had the decency to acknowledge and respond to my communications. As a result and by default, you are complicit in her crimes. 

Two individuals at Lighthouse have attempted to take their lives over the last year as a result of Miss Ingram’s actions. Families have been torn apart and children of Associates at Lighthouse have suffered severely and continue to do so. We will never rest and pursue this case to the full extent of the law and are bringing together the weight of public opinion to hold predatory trolls like Miss Ingram accountable. 

Mr Bell, I struggle to understand how you can turn a blind eye to this? I struggle to understand how absconding responsibility is something that you condone as someone responsible and entrusted to look after servicemen who have given so much to this country and its people. Is this what the Royal Marines stand for? This lack of judgment and morals? This lack of humanness.. is this what the Royal Marines have taught you? Is this what you are asking the public to support?  

We will publicly expose you and your leadership for this outrage and how complicit you are in Miss Ingram’s behaviour. As we are doing with Karen Baldock and Michael Bint of the Insolvency Service for being complicit in this falsely triggered investigation by Miss Ingram and Mr Leigh-Jones and their cohorts of predatory trolls hellbent on destroying us. You and your organisation along with them will be featured in our upcoming David vs Goliath showdown program, starting with publishing this letter and your response or lack thereof to it. 

I would ask you Mr Bell, what would you do if the girlfriend of one of your employees hacked into your system and downloaded senior board meetings and private recordings between all your team members? Then give them to the press to concoct a deceptive story that your charity is embezzling funds meant for the Royal Marines. What would you do if you had ex-employees bitter over refunds spreading malicious lies going to the press and trying to destroy you, your family and your organisation? Maybe that might help you step out of your self-centred bell jar and just for one moment help you to empathise, if you have an ounce of empathy in you.

Let me tell you the massive mistake that Ms Ingram has made. She thinks that she can hide behind the BBC and that this means that she will not be held accountable. The BBC deliberately said in their hit piece “A Very British Cult” that they had received these documents from Ms Ingram. Why? Because they know that if and when this all comes out that these were stolen they will make sure they pin it on her! The BBC does not care about these people and when it comes down to it they will dump the responsibility of Mr Leigh-Jones and Ms Ingram for lying to them and providing them with stolen information.  

We are now awaiting data subject access requests from the BBC, The Insolvency Service and Action Fraud so the full extent of the lies to these organisations will be exposed to the public. This is my life and the lives of our children and every person who has been falsely accused and smeared in the press. Mr Bell I will never stop fighting for justice and for the reality of the situation to be known to the public. 

With that in mind, As a Christian, I believe in the chance to make wrongs right and I am giving you an opportunity here to make it right by at the very least doing the following:

1. Respond to this email and accept the appropriate responsibility.

2. Cooperate with the authorities when they get in touch.

3. Make a public apology in line with point 1 above.

4. Encourage Ms Ingram to co-operate with the police, the ICO and the requests she has had to provide a list of all the private data of mine and ours that she holds. She has currently not cooperated which begs the question what does she have to hide?

5. Do not condone this abhorrent behaviour and take whatever appropriate internal steps are needed to rectify the situation. I remind you, that having a predatory troll in your employ means you as a company are liable as shown in this article.

I expect your support in the matter of looking after small businesses, families and children online from predators that lurk in the shadows waiting for the opportunity to strike and cause damage and pain. 

 While I say all of this Mr Bell, I actually think that tragically you might just be too buried in your own delusion to actually act on it. There are many things I don’t know about you that maybe Ms Ingram does that you don’t want to come out? Maybe Ms Ingram knows things that happened at a work Christmas party which is stopping you from acting? Something else? I say this because surely a man who served in the forces and is interested in preserving his hard earned legacy is not going to let it all hang on the lies of the self entitled vicious troll that Ms Ingram is.

Let me remind you that Ms Ingram was hell bent on trying to destroy me and us ever since I encouraged Mr Leigh-Jones to really question her as a prospective partner for many many reasons which I cannot go into here. What I have in evidence about her and her partner Jeffrey Leigh-Jones will make your eyes water and you will regret believing this troll for the rest of your life if you do not act. 

I would remind you Mr Bell, I and we are very pro servicemen and support the military in more ways than one and they deserve the right people entrusted in positions of responsibility. Prove you are that man by responding thoroughly, naturally and carefully. I implore you! I will keep you updated about the ongoing investigations and will be informing your trustees, sponsors and funders of this ongoing case. I will be directing them to this letter which will be published online.  

Jai Singh

Lighthouse Global

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