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Live, raw, and in real-time. The BBC never granted Paul Waugh’s request for a full and fair right of reply to the myriad lies told about Lighthouse in the name of the “public interest”. After a long hiatus from X, Paul Waugh has begun to share the truth. 


11th May 2024

We will help the BBC’s victims to heal and give them a voice and a place to speak out, backed by our Christian brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ who are stepping up with us to help them.

REcent messages

calling out catrin nye as a human pet-owner parent

11th May 2024

CATRIN drop the cynical childish and immature attitude and GROW UP ..and become a proper Parent or someone else will do your job.

The F-word: parents or human pet owners?

10th May 2024

Most ‘parents’ know nothing about being a mentor. coach, counselor or leader, teaching their children fundamental principles of life.

lighthouse’s broadcasting house interviews

9th May 2024

Love and God’s Grace to all survivors of the BBCult and our BODY OF CHRIST committed to helping ALL to compensation and healing.

Launching The BBC Compensation & Healing Programme

7th May 2024

We and our global brothers and sisters in the BODY OF CHRIST will start helping the brave BBC survivors to heal and be compensated.

calling out martin francis’ ‘parenting’ of mel

6th May 2024

Martin Francis is trying to con the world that he is this amazing, doting, caring father.. and you know he wasn’t and isn’t!

meirion jones’ personal cost for exposing the bbc

6th May 2024

Just like you Meirion I too am helping people out of pedo families and organisations at great personal cost! We share that!

meirion jones defends+supports the BBC cult

2nd May 2024

Meirion “kept you eye on cults for years”. He worked for one and is STILL PUBLICLY supporting one and has done for years.

paul waugh responds to woke maid meirion

2nd May 2024

We are now investigating Meirion Jones, completing a full public dossier on him. We will not allow him to make false statements.

paying your tv license = fund the BBC’S PAEDOPHILIA

1st May 2024

Are YOU being complicit, indifferent or otherwise with the #BBCSavileSyndrome or are YOU standing up against it!?

bbc savile syndrome next steps

28th April 2024

We will be sharing more, including an update on our BBC Savile Syndrome documentary and the dossiers on each of the accused

rebuking the bbc AT BROADCASTING HOUSE!

26th April 2024

Goliath aka the Gruffalo refused to turn up to the David Vs Goliath showdown so we went to right up to their doorstep. The results?


26th April 2024

For #AVeryBritishCult to be nominated for an award is an insult to the other nominees – real murders, court cases and punishments!


25th April 2024

We offered the BBC and others a fair and open challenge to present their evidence and back their position, but they all chickened out!


23rd April 2024

There cannot be a showdown without a Goliath show up, so we will be producing a full documentary in response to the BBC media…

david vs goliath showdown announcement

23rd April 2024

The defendants (Lighthouse false accusers) are crossing the border to the proverbial Mexico to avoid public humiliation and justice.


22nd April 2024

Why is the BBC so dishonest? We share with BBC Director-General, Tim Davie, there’s a reason: THE BBC JIMMY SAVILE SYNDROME!


22nd April 2024

Richard Thomas capitulated to his wife Antonia and tried to extort us in exchange for ‘positive reviews’ or threats of going to the press

lighthouse juniors leading the showdown

21st April 2024

“I’m really not well and I could do with the rest are the rest of my seniors who have been labouring 18-20 hours a day…”

bbc cowards hide away when called

20th April 2024

The so-called bastion of journalistic impartiality, “protectors of truth” and the ‘public interest’ chickened out of facing our LIVE Showdown

the bbc is the worst case of institutional evil

20th April 2024

It is “THE BBC” Savile Syndrome because the BBC are THE WORST CASE of institutional evil we have ever seen!

here to help where I can in christ

19th April 2024

Hearing the wail of a parent who has lost their little boy/girl will haunt me for the rest of my life…

a south african apartheid family & catrin nye?

18th April 2024


catrin nye is the epitome of bbc savile syndrome

18th April 2024

Rather than facing the music of her fabricated abomination Catrin Nye is now crawling around the fringes of Lighthouse looking for pickings..

christian whistleblowers within the bbc

17th April 2024

Those Christians who remain at the BBC must either be even more brave and committed to helping the BBC reform

shattering the delusion of the darling bbc

16th April 2024

We were initially genuinely excited when we found out the BBC were investigating us. WE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG!!

institutional evil is a direct threat to the public

15th April 2024

What are the BBC doing about this? Have they compensated their many victims? No. They are charging licence fee payers more money!

the bbc’s jimmy savile syndrome

15th April 2024

This is a slam dunk and damning for the BBC, the legacy media as a whole and everywhere this syndrome exists including in families.

the bbc is silent about david vs goliath

14th April 2024

The BBC have been deafeningly silent since they broadcast over 140 lies about myself and my partners at Lighthouse Global. Why?

appeal to jeffrey to repent in christ

13th April 2024

I’m writing to Jeffrey about repentance, reform and the justice we are due from the slandering deceivers trying to break our lives down

open letter to jeffrey leigh-jones

12th April 2024

I pray to God for your well-being through this. I pray for salvation for your soul.  Repent Jeffery because now Christ is your only hope.

hanging the blame on the sources

12th April 2024

The BBC know that if enough people are prepared to say something is true and sign this off, then the BBC doesn’t need to fact-check.

the narcissistic deceiving parent

11th April 2024

We were accused of destroying families so the BBC could appear as their valiant protector (despite supporting the abusers).

legacy media’s anti-christian agenda

11th April 2024

Despite our own sinful state, they cannot stand the truth we uphold in and for Christ, and they want us obliterated…


“the cult that she wrote” (video)

9th April 2024

We reveal Phase 1 of the BBC’s modus operandi in hijacking and destroying people’s lives… with educational satire

Paul Waugh’s christian testimony update

8th April 2024

Paul Waugh’s reason for writing A Long, Winding & Narrowing Road and where he am with sending it out to you and us all very soon

imminent atonement international launch

8th April 2024

An initiative established to help people who have wronged others to repent and be granted the opportunity to make their wrongs right

a very british weatherman?! (video)

8th April 2024

Watch as Paul Waugh demonstrates that he is well and truly an Afrikaans-speaking South African in the African desert. NOT BRITISH!


7th April 2024

It is our duty in Christ to put these agents of Satan finally and firmly in their place, and to stand up for truth and against injustices

project global reach

6th April 2024

The BBC has a reach of ~500 million people globally. No one else has amassed a level of influence as large as the legacy media.. Until now!

Launch of groundswell’s Great Conversation

3rd April 2024

We are asking the greatest questions and getting the greatest answers to the greatest issues of our lives moving forward

BBC Cover up: the dark truth about “Erin”

2nd April 2024

The BBC protects paedophilic family members of a victim of incestuous child sexual abuse and yet puts the blame on Lighthouse

update on


31st March 2024

Post-apartheid racism still rampant in South Africa, where Paul Waugh is fighting predators of the same pathology as the BBC

We will stand & never give up

29th March 2024

We’ve only just begun, and where people have stopped campaigning after staging a sit-in, we’ll continue to stand for truth

The BBC is Trying to polish a turd

27th March 2024

BBC Director General Tim Davie announces reform, but true reformation must start from within himself and his own ranks

the bbc’s top 10 malicious myths

26th March 2024

They had the truth before broadcasting. Why did the BBC make up so many myths if Lighthouse was really as bad as they say we are?

learning from Lee Strobel?


25th March 2024

Lighthouse Associate Partners were actually encouraged to explore the work of Christian apologist Lee Strobel as far back as 2017

the BBC Anti-Christian hate speech (video) 

24th March 2024

The BBC targets Christians at Lighthouse with religious hate speech while failing to back up their false claim of a Christian “rebrand”

More Evidence Debunking BBC Lie No. 4 (video)

21st March 2024

Evidence of thousands of pages of stolen private data, and the facts behind our journey of faith in Christ years before the BBC lies 

Pre-Showdown taster: debunking BBC Lie No.4

20th March 2024

BBC Lie No.4 in A Very British Cult is revealed: Lighthouse did not simply “rebrand” as Christian in order to evade recent criticism

Global Citizen Journalism

19th March 2024

Investigations into the BBC on the new Lighthouse Global Media platform as an alternative to paying to be lied to by the legacy media

Why we’re fighting corrupt media & government

11th March 2024

Standing for justice and integrity against abuses of “freedom of the press” in the name of being in the “public interest”