Lighthouse Global is a mentoring, coaching and counselling fraternity that has been researching how to overcome the obstacles to realising our God-given potential for nearly 20 years.

For 16 of those years we had almost no public criticism until many of us became Christians in 2020. This is when a small group of anti-Christ ex-Associates broke away and colluded with malignantly toxic family members and partners to persecute us.

Everything stated here is backed up with substantial evidence from the last 20 years through recordings, texts, emails & transcript evidence. Such evidence will also debunk the 143+ malicious falsehoods committed in the BBC’s hit piece, to be revealed in the David vs Goliath showdown.

We invite you to join us in being part of and building a groundswell of everyday people who value truth rather than the lies and deception we are subjected to on a daily basis. As everyday men and women we must stand together to protect our families and our livelihoods against predatory trolls, the mainstream media and governmental collusion and corruption.

Since the start of 2021 we have endured relentless assaults on us, our characters, our livelihoods and our families through an orchestrated smear campaign. There’s been thousands of hateful, defamatory comments on Reddit along with articles in the Daily Mail, a documythry by the BBC based on an 18-month corrupt investigation and a wave of baseless lies propagated in the British press. In the midst of online and media attacks, there were falsely-triggered government investigations at a time when we were quite literally fighting for our lives and livelihoods to continue our crucial and vital work at Lighthouse Global. At this time in mid-2022, we had two Associates attempt to take their own lives because of the stress involved.

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Below is a list of the anti-Christ ex-Associates, malignantly toxic family members and partners and so-called ‘experts’ who have conspired and colluded against Lighthouse Global and its people. We pray for the repentance and redemption of all those listed and with hope for their regeneration:

Jeffrey Leigh-Jones

Dawn Ingram, Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity

Joanne Holmes

Rehman Chaudri, Playstation

Martin Francis


Anthony Church

Simon Perreira

Alexandra Stein 

Janja Lalich 

Graham Baldwin

Rani Singh, BBC Reporter

Jon Breen

Richard Thomas, Monetate 

Antonia Brider-Thomas, XDP Ltd

Rachel Jones

Tania Francis, Hempsons LLP 

Tamara Carew

Adam Daughters

Rosemary Willers

Karina Deichler & Jon West

Lauren Green

Dagmar Spaeth

Gareth Bourne

Richard Howard

4 Reasons Why The BBC Smeared Lighthouse

1. The People Who Have Attacked Lighthouse – Why This Could Happen To You…


1.1 The media lies against us were all started from just four anti-Christ ex-Associates who became bitter after leaving Lighthouse Global while demanding undue refunds on their mentorship programs. All had been involved with us for well over 2 years prior to this.

1.2 Some of these individuals fell in love with their mentor. When their advances were unrequited they vindictively turned on their mentors and Lighthouse Global.

1.3 They then sought out the controlling, malignantly toxic families, partners and siblings of many of those still at Lighthouse Global.

1.4 These families were jealous and resentful that they couldn’t control their (now adult) child or partner anymore. Some families feared that their horrific abuse of their own children (including sexual) would come out.

2. Criminal Trolling On Reddit

2.1 This small group of anti-Christ malignantly toxic family members, ex-Associates & spurned mentees actively sought each other out along with anyone else with grievances (no matter how false) against Lighthouse Global.

2.2 They proactively roped in more people online; some of them criminal, extremely unstable & dangerous, to attack us and even lead the charge.

2.3 Some of these people had no prior issue with Lighthouse Global, having never met us.

2.4 What followed was a daily flood of slurs and hate crimes on Reddit against the people of Lighthouse Global, our characters and mental health. These assaults were designed to cause as much pain and suffering as possible, despite us increasing police intervention against them.

2.5 They hurt and nearly destroyed many sensitive and honest souls here but for the grace of God. Two members of the team tried to take their own lives.

3. Using The Press & Government Institutions To Attempt To ‘Legitimise’ Their False Claims

3.1 The predatory trolls then sought to use the Daily Mail, the BBC and government institutions to legitimise their malicious campaign of constructive sabotage. They claimed our research community and fraternity was some kind of evil cult taking advantage of vulnerable people, which is provably false from evidence.

3.2 The Lighthouse assailants, hellbent on destroying us, then went to the BBC and other press to add the perception of ‘credibility’ to their assaults. The BBC then produced a sensationalised, biased documythry ‘A Very British Cult’ with over 143 falsehoods which Ofcom are investigating.

4. We Were Given No Live Right To Reply & No Proper Investigation Was Ever Done By The BBC


4.1 The BBC did not want us to know about their production or for us to be involved in it when we approached them, months before it aired. Following the broadcast, they denied us a live right to reply. Register to see this evidence.

4.2 The BBC only spoke to those who were trying to destroy us, not those who we have served tirelessly for years and who have benefited greatly.

4.3 The BBC did no serious investigation or fact-checking and deliberately ignored the offer of evidence until it was too late. They hung the responsibility for the ‘accusations’ in the programme on the shoulders of their sources to avoid being held accountable.

4.4 Despite being the most viciously attacked by the BBC and these predatory trolls, Paul Waugh has stated on numerous occasions publicly and privately that he would be prepared to meet our assailants to reconcile. He has also stated he would be there to help any ex-Associates if their safety was at risk.

Register at to see the evidence for yourself.

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