Trial by media is increasingly becoming the status quo of our world. No matter if it’s true or not, we are often presumed guilty until proven innocent.

Like many others in the world, we know this first-hand at Lighthouse Global, and are taking a stand against the Goliath that is the legacy media.

On 19th September we wrote to Kevin Costello CEO of Haymarket Global to invite them to be part of our pioneering David vs Goliath live showdown of Lighthouse vs The BBC. We also asked them to seriously consider removing “A Very British Cult” from the British Podcast Awards nominee list, given how it is provably part of a vicious smear campaign against Lighthouse. Unsurprisingly on 20th September, they declined with an anonymous email. We then responded on 25th September and are sharing our email below for transparency.

Our response below shows we will not just accept being smeared by the legacy media. We will fight for the truth and for justice where it is absolutely necessary.

Dealing with Professional Trolls

Haymarket’s initial response to us is a typical and to-be-expected corporate response to shut down any legitimate challenge that questions their authority. Please note, the response we received from Haymarket was anonymous.  Not one employee or executive at Haymarket had the courage to put their name to this response. It was an anonymous response from a corporate machine. While there is a time and a place for anonymity, it is often used by predatory trolls to hide behind, so that they dare not face the consequences of their actions.



Live, Raw, in Real Time: Our Right to Respond to the BBC

Our experience with legacy media is that it’s one rule for them, and another for us. They can run an entire so-called investigation on anyone they want to, invade their privacy, steal private documents, have the backing of a global corporate’s resources. But when we, the general public and hardworking men and women, want to question them?


How is this fair? Impartial? Robust? Balanced? All the things that BBC claims they stand for?

We are demanding our right to respond to the BBC, live, raw, in real-time, unedited. The very first (of many) David vs Goliath showdown: Lighthouse vs The BBC.


Click here to read our first open letter to Kevin Costello at Haymarket



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