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Facts & Evidence DEBUNKING THE First few OF HUNDREDS MORE Lies BY THE BBC ABout Lighthouse GLobal

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Latest update,BBC LIE No.4

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To the Body of Christ,

Day by day, we are exposing the reality that not only is the public paying the likes of the BBC to be lied to but that the BBC has committed religious hate crimes against us at Lighthouse Global. As I’ve presented in lie 4, @CatrinNye and @Alexandraistein portrayed our growing Christian faith as if it was some kind of rebranding exercise to avoid criticism. This is a ridiculous statement and a non-distinction to make, because Christians are the most persecuted group alive today!

If we wanted to avoid criticism, then the last thing we would do is become Christian! The bottom line is the BBC have tried to denigrate our faith to hurt, belittle and ultimately destroy us and our reputation. This is hate speech with malicious intent to destroy and decimate our lives from beginning to end; religiously, humanly, materially and financially, and that is why it is criminal. 

Would the BBC ever say this about other formal religions such as Islam? But they believe they can say it about Christianity and deepen the mockery towards it that they have long been espousing. We are now demonstrating that they can’t and won’t, and we will never give up! The idea that I only started to talk about Christianity in late 2021 is also complete nonsense, and provably so! I will be sharing very personally on this in the coming weeks leading up to the first showdown and beyond… In the meantime, I’m sharing short taster videos below that debunks this 4th Nye lie in its entirety.

You will learn the truth of how I have, in my contrition, through Christ maintained that He can be the Only One who should ever be put on a pedestal!! It’s here that I wish to extend a welcome and invitation to our true blue brothers and sisters in Christ who want to support us here over the course of this next month and beyond to do so; whether that’s in prayer, in sharing thoughts and ideas, or in active participation with us.

If you haven’t already, register your interest to be involved and learn more. We will keep you updated with news and opportunities up to and beyond 23rd April! Praise be to God. 

some background…

When the BBC’s so-called ‘journalist’ Catrin Nye ambushed Lighthouse Global Founder, Paul Waugh and the rest of the Lighthouse Associates outside the High Court, London, in March 2023 (all planned as part of her and her team’s pre-scripted pseudo-docu-soap, ‘A Very British Cult’) Paul challenged her on her and the BBC’s wilful refusal to report the truth.. “You must receive the facts, that are true and fair and complete.” 

Catrin Nye, stood there brazen in the knowledge that she, along with her producers Natalie Truswell and Ravin Sampat, had already ignored and refused the extensive and categoric evidence that Paul and the Lighthouse Associates had been going to great efforts to share with them. Instead of admitting the truth on camera, she deceptively said, “send us the facts Paul”.

She categorically knew that she and her team aren’t interested in facts, truth or what is accurate and what is fair when that gets in the way of the fictitious story they have decided they want to tell.

Paul’s response to Ms Nye’s attempted ambush was just a precursor of what was coming for her and the BBC’s deliberate and designed attempt at a public hanging of Paul and Lighthouse Global. He said words that will still be ringing in her mind with a deep sense of dread and fear.. “You’re getting them, they’re coming”.

Catrin Nye and her BBC team were banking on the facts never seeing the light of day enough to come to the public’s awareness, such is the modus operandi of predatory trolls in the modern media like her and others. They prey on the fact that the every day man and woman on the street, the small business owners of the world don’t have the resources to take on an institution like the BBC. That belief is a lot of where Miss Nye and other professional predatory trolls like her in the legacy media’s bare-faced and arrogant willingness to lie, fabricate and deceive comes from. That is now changing with David Vs Goliath! 

The BBC and Catrin Nye hadn’t banked on coming against someone like Paul Waugh and Lighthouse Global when they began looking from the perspective of what, to them was a juicy hit-piece on an easy target! They weren’t aware of the faith that has been building in Paul and those at Lighthouse for years before (which is why Lighthouse has been so attacked) and how God would strengthen and enable the whole truth, through us to prevail and demonic predatory trolls to be held to account. 

Lighthouse Global have set the David Vs Goliath Showdown with Catrin Nye, the BBC and its sources for the 23rd of April 2024. We will be releasing hundreds of the facts and context the BBC arrogantly refused to publish, with a growing groundswell of support through our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 

As a TASTER to this first showdown (the first of a whole series and more), Paul Waugh has been sharing these facts through his personal X (formerly Twitter) feed and we are now putting them down here too. These are the FIRST OF HUNDREDS of provable lies and falsehoods we have found contained in the BBC’s pseudo-documentary soap-opera are coming, just as Paul Waugh promised to Catrin Nye. .  

These lies have been categorically debunked with compelling corresponding evidence and reason below.. 


BBC Lie No.1: That Lighthouse are 'VERY BRITISH'

Catrin Nye and the BBC have (falsely) accused Paul Waugh and Lighthouse (in their words, a “cult”) of deceiving a small group of (now ex) Associate Partners, while they themselves have had to use hundreds of falsehoods in a mere several-hour production to do so.

Here is the first taster of the immense evidence we have in our possession… It all begins right in the very title. Such are the levels of deception and fabrication here that they couldn’t even get that right…

BBC Lie No. 2: That Lighthouse is a CULT!!!

Here is the second instalment (X post) relating to the first of the BBC lies and deceptions of the forced licence fee payer, under the pretence that it is in their (the public’s) interest.

The BBC, Catrin Nye and much of the media have thought that they can somehow discredit the truth and reality by discrediting and smearing Paul Waugh and many, many others.


BBC Lie 3: Paul Waugh & Jai Singh Refused To Be Interviewed

The more we pull at the dark thread of Catrin Nye’s lies, falsehoods and omission of facts and context that the BBC, Nye and team have packaged into their little docu-soap-opera smear, then you will surely be noticing that more is quickly unravelling for them. With that more of their individual and collective deceit is being undone and exposed, with jaw-dropping clarity and realisation..

You will begin to see (with this third lie and its whole host of inherent deceptions) how dark and insidious the BBC have become. Here you will find the evidence that completely refutes this lie…

BBC Lie No.4 – That Lighthouse Global Partners Only ‘Rebranded’ As Christians Once We Came Under Criticism

The BBC have attempted to destructively smear us, defame us and paint us at Lighthouse in people’s minds as this ‘sinister’ cult who reactively rebranded as Christians to evade criticism!.. (Everyone knows that Christians get way more criticism than non-Christians, so this is completely farcical!) As deeply offensive as this already is, what makes this so bad, is that they know very well, how far their claims are from the truth!!..

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