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Thank you for wanting to complete this incredibly vital piece of research. 

We recognise how busy people’s lives can be and how often, despite our best intentions, it’s easier to justify not doing the right and/or most important things when we need to. Yet if we don’t stop and act on our consciences more, evil will not only continue to survive but thrive more as a result. 

It’s precisely because so many stand by and in the end do nothing that the perpetrators of evil believe, not only will they not be challenged, but that because of their cleverness they will never be caught and held accountable.

Why Are You Here?

You’re here because.. 

You hate the way that society is becoming more predatory and unsafe for children and families online and offlline

You want to learn how to deal with cancel-culture and protect your family in this modern criminally and sexually predatory landscape

You are sick of trusting in corrupt, abusive, degenerate and evil institutions

You want to unite with other conscientious people and form a groundswell community

You no longer trust the modern and legacy media not to lie and deliberately deceive you

You want to defend objective truth and uphold the public’s genuine interests

On This Page You Can Learn:

What the Jimmy Savile Syndrome is and why it’s so critical to understand.

How it relates not only to the BBC, but to your own personal life, including that of your family.

Why we all need to protect ourselves from the Jimmy Saville Syndrome through being part of a Groundswell.

Who we are at Lighthouse Global and why we are doing this research in the first place.

How we can help you with that and your starting point.

What Is The BBC Savile Syndrome?

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The BBC Saville syndrome is named after the infamous paedophile, Jimmy Savile, who sexually abused hundreds of children over the course of 3 decades whilst also being one of the most famous and lauded TV presenters working at the BBC.

The Jimmy Savile Syndrome is a term of diagnosis as to why the BBC could harbour a monster like Jimmy Savile for so long. Only an organisation that is deeply deceitful, deeply dishonest, deeply anti-Christ, deeply anti-truth, deeply satanic, could operate the way they did and hold onto Jimmy Savile as long as they did, while knowing what he was doing.

The syndrome is what the institution does, they lie, they cover up, they deceive, they never apologise, they go silent, they bully, they cheat and attack people who can’t fight back (for the most part), while forcibly taking money from the public through licence fees and parading as paragons of virtue, as angels of light!

Paedophilia is just the outgrowth, not the root of the problem itself. The problem is the underlying syndrome that breeds the dark desperate, toxic organism that produces paedophilia. What sort of tree, what sort of darkness, what sort of evil would produce such fruit as paedophilia in such an organisation? Why have the BBC had so many known child abusers working at the BBC? Because that is the culture of the BBC and what is at the centre of that culture is evil.

The BBC have created a cult corporation of Paedophilia which is deeply deceptive, which they have to be in order to hide it. They have to go deeply silent when they need to be, they have to be deeply rotten and evil with no confession or repentance.

Have the BBC repented? Have they deeply reformed? Have they compensated the victims of Jimmy Savile properly? No, but they want to charge the licence fee payers more money!

They are evil and what is the first thing that evil produces? A syndrome. And what is that syndrome? The BBC Savile Syndrome!

What is the Savile Syndrome? INSTITUTIONAL EVIL!

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“Why is British light entertainment so often based on the sexualisation of people too young to cope? And why is it that we have a press so keen to feed off it? Is it to cover the fact, via some kind of willed outrage, that the culture itself is largely paedophile in its commercial and entertainment excitements? Milly Dowler’s phone was hacked by journalists cynically feeding the ravenous appetites of three million people who love that stuff, and that’s just the ones who actually bought the News of the World. When Leveson’s findings are duly buried, will we realise that it was the nation’s populist appetites that were on trial all along?”

Andrew O’Hagan

Novelist, Essayist

How Does The Bbc Savile Syndrome Relate To My Life?

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The same level of evil that enables the BBC Savile Syndrome to grow within the BBC is the very same evil operating every second of the day across the world, in many institutions, in people’s homes and on the internet.

It’s not just restricted to the BBC or a corporation, it can happen in the family (which is an institution), it can happen in a school, or a university, throughout whole governments. Just like a disease, to the degree the right environment and culture exists, the BBC Savile Syndrome, which is a spirit and a pathology of wickedness and evil, will flourish.

It is the same pathology and mindset as that of a small organised gang using the internet to extort money from a child for explicit pictures, or within a school that is covering up the early sexualisation of its children, or a company that fosters a culture of sexual harassment and racism, or in a home where abuse, sexual or otherwise, is allowed to go on without anything ever being said. Wherever there is a culture of evil, there will be a syndrome, the BBC Savile Syndrome!

Could My Life Or That Of My Family And Children Really Be At The Risk Of The BBC Savile Syndrome?

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Until we at Lighthouse Global were attacked by predatory trolls we never thought anything like what has transpired could happen to our lives! But having researched just how many people have been harassed online and how inadequate the laws are and how overstretched and impotent to deal with this massive problem the police are, we now see how prevalent and wide reaching this problem is. In particular is the threat for children.

The sad reality is that child exploitation and especially their sexual exploitation is happening at ghastly and frightening levels and in many forms. So much so that criminal agencies report child “Sextortion” has experienced a 400% increase in recent years!!! 

Sextortion is a modern form of blackmail for the digital age whereby a child is groomed to send an explicit image of themselves to someone online, who they believe to be of an equivalent age and of the opposite sex, but is in fact a criminal gang deliberately deceiving them. Once the initial image is obtained, the gang will then threaten the child with the release of that image publicly, unless they are paid financially. 

This is a heartbreaking article from a set of parents who suffered this personally when their child took his own life.     

These parents say that, even though they had discussed online predatory trolling with their child.. 

“It can happen to any child. We want young people as far as your readership goes across the world to get the idea that this is insidious – it comes into your home.”

WHat is Groundswell?

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As a result of realising and unveiling the BBC Savile Syndrome, we know that most people feel helpless and afraid of the influence and power such large institutions have and the increasingly predatory landscape of our cancel-culture society. They just hope that a “Goliath” (something or someone too large for them to handle) will never come after them because they will hopefully never have reason to.. We have felt that too. 

The first thing that we need to be doing is increasing our levels of emotional fortitude and doing so together, in massive numbers. If we don’t have large numbers behind us and backing us, then tyrants won’t be scared of us and we are seen as easy prey. Even a hundred tyrants with machine guns would be frightened of 2 million people with pitchforks! So we want to: 

1. Hold those organisations perpetuating the BBC Savile Syndrome to account and bring about reforms so that no one else suffers at the hands of the media and corrupted agencies as we have done. 

2. Find those in the public who want to take an active and proactive role and join with us to achieve justice and protect themselves and their families against any such tyranny happening to them.

3. Help the victims of Jimmy Savile and others get the compensation they deserve..


How Can Groundswell Help Me To Protect Me & My Family?

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Because of what we at Lighthouse have suffered, we want to teach people how to protect themselves and to work with us to safeguard themselves with others. Safety comes in numbers! It’s ‘social insurance’ for keeping perpetrators at bay and holding them powerfully accountable if/when they attack, ensuring we are not an ‘easy target’ for predators of any kind.

At the moment, those who want to HARM others are unfortunately able to bring together others who will join with them a lot more effectively than those who want to HELP others. You only need to look at how the police globally have admitted the dark web is too big for them to police and keep our children safe from..

It is like that with the modern mainstream and legacy media. Look at the BBC, if they decided to do a hit-piece on you or decided to broadcast something insensitive, false, or inaccurate about you, what can you do? WIth the global reach they have they can inform hundreds of millions within seconds that the everyday man can in no way compete with… That is UNLESS WE UNITE.

What Is The Starting Point & How Will This Questionnaire Help?

Filling in this questionnaire will help you and help us with this aim! It will help us understand how aware the public are of the realities of these awful dangers and the level of involvement they want too have.

Even if you’re not actively involved now, you will benefit from at least learning what your options are when it comes to being attacked by people who can hide online, people who hide behind pseudonyms. We will find them and we will hold them accountable to their employer, their school, to God, you name it.

Thank you!

Watch this video ↓ to learn what we are doing to help all victims of Jimmy Savile and the BBC as a whole get the compensation, care and support they deserve and to give them a voice for the world to hear their stories.

Introducing The BBC Compensation & Healing Programme..