1. BBC Lie No.2

That Lighthouse is a CULT!!!

2. Background & Context of Said Lie

We are clearly not a cult. We are an organisation that is very much out there in the public eye and domain. Two groups here:

A) We have a small group of Lighthouse Associates that are also at some level clients.. internal customers as it were.. that have been accused of being a cult.

B) The rest are either clients or customers, without being internal Associates or internal clients (not shareholders or creditors), just like the above ..everything that they have accused us of being (however false) applies, to differing degrees, to any other business. This will be proven through the David vs Goliath Showdown, as all of the hundreds of lies and deceptions (yes, hundreds) systematically disprove that we are a cult. By the end of this public showdown it will be clear as day.

3. Deliberate Omissions In Order To Coerce, Manipulate & Deceive The BBC Viewer And Licence Fee-Payer

Their false rumours (lies) and accusation of Lighthouse being a cult was originally made by one family (the family of ‘Erin’..who we are now holding accountable). They basically looked up so-called “cult experts” and their websites, took the information off the said sites, e.g. “WHAT IS A CULT?”. They then phoned other bitter controlling family members etc, passed on the information to others, who then all called the “cult expert” and proceeded to feed back the same information and its definitions to the so-called “cult experts”. 

These so-called experts did not have the expertise to A) Realise this nonsense was happening but made their decision that we were a cult based on this, and B) Did not bother to look into us at Lighthouse directly. Never visited us. Never took us up on our offer to do so. They just went on hearsay from our false accusers, as if that was enough. Many call themselves doctors and scholars. We are exposing them publicly and imminently! They are fake experts ..an anti-cult cult in their own right ..not knowing the difference between a cult and community at all!

4. Exhibits, Evidence & Reason

Evidence will be provided all the way through the David vs Goliath showdown. There is a lot and way too much to do for this post.

5. Final Comments

As you are already starting to see ..even the docu-soap title that has only four words, ‘A Very British Cult’ has two gross lies in it. Deceptive mastery.

You will soon learn with widening eyes that this is only the beginning. We are looking at a minimum of several hundred million to a billion people, who will eventually learn from the David vs Goliath Showdown over time.

The BBC and the legacy media believe that they have enough “credibility” TO BE ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH DECEIVING THE LICENCE FEE PAYER AND PUBLIC AT LARGE. We will prevail in Christ. God bless all as we pray for our enemies and their victims as well as truth-seekers 🙏

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