1. BBC Lie No.1

That Lighthouse are ‘VERY BRITISH’.

2. Background & Context of Said Lie

Lighthouse is clearly not “Very British”.

The founding partner, Paul Waugh, is a South African National, along with all initial senior Partners.

In Paul’s absence, all his English friends referred to him as ‘South African Paul’. So it would be like saying that the Russian mafia based in London is also, “Very British”, just because they have a presence there, or that Apple is a very British computer store! These are just plain lies, lies and more lies, as you will learn ongoing..

3. Deliberate Omissions In Order To Coerce, Manipulate & Deceive The BBC Viewer And Licence Fee-Payer

The BBC did not bother to investigate, even at this level of detail, which is so brass neck embarrassing for them. The majority of Lighthouse’s clients (not Associates) over the past 20 years have been mostly non-British. 

4. Exhibits, Evidence & Reason

These copies of personal identification documents for Paul Stephen Waugh, Warren Vaughan, Chris Nash and Shaun Cooper clearly show all 4 founders to be South African.

5. Final Comments

As you can see by the above documents in evidence, it’s very clear ..THAT ALL 4 FOUNDERS ARE A VERY SOUTH AFRICAN FRATERNITY GROUP. 

They hardly relate (in who they are) to the English at all. The English are culturally very reserved, insular and ruggedly individual. South Africans are pervasively very warm, hospitable, generous, love community and are extremely social. They do not understand this cult thing! However, the English see a warm community group as a cult because these cultural values, once commonplace in England, are now foreign to the modern contemporary Brit. The pubs in South Africa are thriving while they are closing in their thousands in Blighty! 

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