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Join a GLOBAL CONVERSATION ABOUT OUr relationship with TRUTH & reality!

Introducing Groundswell’s Great Conversation


Lighthouse Global have launched “Groundswell’s Greatest Conversation” series.

The Greatest Conversation Series will be spearheaded and catalysed by a series of critical and fascinating polls.


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what is Groundswell’s Great Conversation?


Fundamentally, the great global conversation is about objective truth and reality and our collective and individual relationship with that truth!  

How do we hold people accountable who abuse truth ..especially when persecuting us Christians with lies and falsehoods? 

How do we Christians, in truth, reduce the degrees of separation between us? 

How do we reduce fragmentation in the glorious body of Christ? 

..and many more critical questions for discussion!

Why Be part of Groundswell’s Greatest Conversation?

The answer is as simple as it is direct..

1. It is truly Global.

2. It is about Truth v Falsehood..

3. The Right Way v The Wrong Way

4. The Right Life v The Wrong Life

5. Reality v Delusion ..and more.  

Objective Truth is Under Threat!..

Truth is under threat.

If objective truth is under threat then so is objective reality.

If objective reality is under threat then so is the very way, truth and life of humanity, as we know it (or how we want it to be instead), under threat. Is this good or bad? We are asking the greatest questions and getting the greatest answers to the greatest issues of our lives moving forward, into the greatest possible (or worst possible) future!

Lighthouse Global Media will be facilitating this and what will be The Greatest Conversation in our modern era, or since Christ Himself and the Gospels that He inspired..known as the Greatest Event Ever in The History of Man. (The Greatest Story Ever Told)  

The modern-day media – mediums of information involving both falsehoods and truths..

Here is an idea of some of the topics of conversation..

1. Do we want to be lied to by the media or anyone?

2. Do we want to PAY to be lied to by the media? (The FORCED BBC licence fee being one)

3. Does the BBC and Legacy Media have a future with the shocking propaganda lies that they keep spewing out in line with their agendas?

4. What are the possible solutions? 5. Do organisations like the BBC and Legacy Media need reform and does that reform involve shutting it down in line with a complete change?

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