WHO IS BEHIND the David vs Goliath Series?

Lighthouse Global

Who initiated David vs Goliath?

Lighthouse Global is a secular organisation and started with the seemingly simple question to find out why millions of people never truly realise their God given human potential? Over the course of 20 years of extensive and intensive research, frustration, pain as well as joy, we realised how bad a state humanity is in. We realsised that we are sorely deprived of a true education and upbringing to develop us into highly effective adults capable of achieving extraordinary value! We found that the self help industry was a money-making myth, that the only way to truly transform is through God’s power and grace, not soley through man. As we came to realise the need to build our lives on the truth and reality of God, we were simultaneously (and not coincidentally) attacked by a handful of bitter clients, who demanded refunds they simply weren’t due. Filled with resentment they used their personal connections in the press, notably the Daily Mail and BBC, to starta smear campaign against us in order to destory our reputation, damage our business, and cause pain in our lives. They also anonymously tried to weaponise government agencies (like the UK Insolvency Service) to shut us down!

Their plans backfired. Ours inspired!

Their attacks have only made us stronger, and stronger in Christ, without whom we would not have been able to face these vicious attacks!

We are now exposing the malicious, deceptive tactics of the legacy media, the corruption that exists in the UK government, and how abusive families and business are oppressing and abusing their own children! The everyday man and woman stands no chance against the Goliaths of the media and government, so we are building a global groundswell of conscientious, truth-seeking, hardworking men and women to stand up to these tyrants, protect our families and forge unity in strength. Through our experiences and challenges not only have we come to realise the essential need for Christ as our foundation, but the value of support from our brothers and sisters in Christ .

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Lighthouse Global’s mission is to help conscientious people overcome their obstacles to create optimal value! In order to be able to always have the resources to say yes where we ought to say yes both inside and outside our front doors.


“look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

James 1:27