A Continuing Case Of Bureaucratic Carelessness & Inhumanity:

From the very first communication we received from the Secretary of State’s Insolvency Service in June 2022, we at Lighthouse Global have been met with a continuous lack of humanity, care and professional due diligence. No matter how many times we have explained how the Insolvency Service has been weaponised against us and how many times we offer clear and compelling evidence of this, our appeals have fallen on deaf ears and have been ignored. Why? Because the attempts to cover-up the corruption and malicious intent behind the corrupt investigation they conducted into Lighthouse Global, triggered falsely by malicious predatory trolls, would be embarrassingly and damningly revealed if they did stop ignoring us. 

Two Lighthouse Global Associates have attempted to take their own lives because of the malicious attacks the Secretary of State’s department has chosen to defend, even endorse, through their actions. In one of those instances, former Associate Adam Wallis wrote a letter of complaint calling out the extremely inhumane actions of Secretary of State Investigator, Gary Seymour, after turning up unannounced at Adam’s place of residence when Adam was in a suicidal state. 

The reality of bureaucratic abuse and carelessness the Secretary of State is trying to hide from is decimating to the reputation of its Insolvency Service and that of Official Receiver, Michael Bint, who without even checking his own previous work, openly contradicted himself to reveal this outright. In a reactive and defensive letter he stated to us that he was “not aware” of Adam’s complaint, despite it 1) having been contained in the Insolvency Service’s own evidence at court, 2) ourselves raising this matter numerous times since and 3) his having personally responded to our official complaint in which we made a specific point of Adam’s letter being continuously ignored. 

The below letter follows on from our interactions with Mr Bint in relation to the Extra Lessons For Karen Baldock series and is the full response from Lighthouse Global CEO Chris Nash on 21st November 2023. The purpose of this letter is to candidly highlight the gross failure of the Secretary of State’s department in their duty of care in relation to their treatment of Adam and all others at Lighthouse. It is just another stark reflection of the bureaucratic insensitivity, inhumanity and carelessness in this case that we have experienced over the course of the last 18 months and that must be experienced by many more at their hands, year on year. Such behaviour needs to be made public, exposed and held accountable and we call on all reading this to lend their support to our David Vs Goliath programme.


21st November 2023

Mr Bint,

I am not going to go back and forth with you over email in relation to these matters because no matter what I say here you do not care about things that do not suit you, even if there is a threat to human life. You are clearly, evidentially and provably cherry-picking. You say that you are not aware of the complaint by Adam Wallis. My question is, how could you possibly not be aware of it? And if you aren’t, then why didn’t you look into it rather than just saying you aren’t aware of it? If you aren’t aware of it, then you are extremely uninformed and it leads to massive questions as to the amount of time, effort and professionalism that you are putting into our situation which worries us even more than it did before you wrote that. This once again brings the integrity and thoroughness of the Insolvency Service’s investigation into disrepute.

I include the following evidence for your attention:

1. Your statement that you are not aware of a complaint to the Insolvency Service from Adam Wallis.

2. Excerpts of Gary Seymour’s Witness Statement and evidence submitted to the courts which referenced Adam Wallis’ complaint.

3. An excerpt of our recent complaint to the Insolvency Service, which you personally replied to, that explicitly speaks about Adam Wallis’ complaint. How could you possibly not have been aware of it if it was in the complaint that you responded to?

4. A copy of the complaint to the Insolvency Service by Adam Wallis. Again I request that you send me the response to this complaint as it was never received by Adam or ourselves.

5. An excerpt from your reply to our complaint in which you acknowledge the complaint by Adam Wallis, stating that it was dealt with and that there would be no further attendance at Mr Wallis’ address.

6. Evidence from an email sent by Karen Baldock that Insolvency Service employees went to the address that Adam Wallis made clear not to revisit in his complaint.

I fully expect you to make excuses for the above as you have for every other area.

You see Mr Bint, you just don’t care. The lack of competence in your department comes out of this lack of care. It would be more honest of you to say that you and your institution doesn’t care about Adam Wallis or his complaint. You do not care about us or our health. You do not care that he tried to take his life as have others. You don’t care about the decimating effects from the malicious attacks on our families by predatory trolls that the Insolvency Service has conspired with. You don’t care, nor do you care about your duty of care. You like to use the word ‘duty’ when it suits you, especially when you get it wrong and we are holding you accountable.

You just want to tick your box and move on, well I can tell you right now… that isn’t going to happen with us! What are boxes for you are families for us, real human lives that are on the line. We have gone to the wall and you and your institution do not give a damn! Not only do you not give a damn, you have conspired with our assailants.

You reply with irritation and defensiveness in relation to the violations by your staff against us. Because you have replied it does not mean they have been refuted. Where you and the Insolvency Service have been extremely irresponsible, negligent and complicit in this criminality is very well documented. Therefore you are and will be held accountable. This will not go away.

This is a classic case in point: just because you are an authority, doesn’t make you right and because a court is an authority doesn’t make it right. Justice is incredibly hard to get.

I will state here again, Mr Bint, that myself and my fellow Directors at Lighthouse have done nothing knowingly criminal. We have not had one visit from the police, nor one lawyer’s letter in relation to any of this. All we have is tabloid smears along with the Insolvency Service’s sham investigation, where through great ignorance, incompetence and complicit collusion with these predatory trolls (we have strong reason and evidence for you being guilty of all three) your agency has been weaponised against an extremely conscientious and hard-working group of people and their families.

I know you do not care, but we strongly believe that eventually you will care, because this will not go away. You will start to care when this affects you and the Insolvency Service in a negative way in which the situation currently lies.

I do not know what your personal beliefs are Mr Bint, but I will tell you this, that the very law of that you state you are upholding, comes from a lawgiver and the ultimate lawgiver is not the Secretary of State, it is Jesus Christ. The Royal Courts of Justice contain statues of Jesus Christ, Moses and Solomon for very good reason. There was a time when those within institutions such as yours recognised where their ultimate accountability was, where duty meant something beyond ticking boxes. We are all accountable to the truth and not to ticking a box or hiding behind what our role is and whose authority we claim to act on. All of the true evil that has happened in this world has happened because of claiming to be noble in doing one’s duty. I do not know who you are outside of your role here, but as it stands you are currently that man here Mr Bint and I pray that you overcome your increasing levels of hubris, and that you stop trying to flex your muscles based on your so-called authority and you genuinely look at this with open eyes instead of trying to defend the indefensible.

We have respect for authority, but not where there is an abuse of that authority as there is in this case Mr Bint!

Based on our experience here of you, you have no respect for truth and justice when that very truth reveals your department’s gross incompetencies and lack of duty of care.

What is ultimately most revealing is the systematic coverup that is happening here from Action Fraud, to the Secretary of State, to the Insolvency Service and the High Court. We have all the evidence and will be sharing this ongoing through David vs Goliath (www.davidvsgoliath.global) where this communication will be published.

Chris Nash


6 Points Of Evidence For Michael Bint Relating To Adam Wallis’ Complaint To The Insolvency Service In August 2022:

1. Michael Bint’s statement that he is not aware of a complaint to the Insolvency Service from Adam Wallis.

This is a copy of Mr Michael Bint’s email to Lighthouse Global Co-CEO Chris Nash sent on 14th November 2023 where he states he is not aware of Adam Wallis’ complaint againt the Insolvency Service’s treatment of him. Something that is contradicted by all the following pieces of evidence we have included below.  

2. Excerpts of Gary Seymour’s witness statement and evidence submitted to the courts which referenced Adam Wallis’ complaint.

Gary Seymour was the Insolvency Service Investigator appointed to investigate Lighthouse International Group. The below snippet is taken from Mr Seymour’s Witness Statement, that was submitted to the High Court on 6th January 2023 as part of the Secretary of State’s Public Interest Winding Up Petition against Lighthouse International Group.

As part of Mr Seymour’s official submission of relevant case documents to the High Court, he included an index of the evidence he had provided for the court against Lighthouse International Group. The below section taken from his evidence index presents the specific inclusion of Adam Wallis’ letter of complaint, dated 26th August 2022.

3. An excerpt of our recent complaint to the Insolvency Service which Michael Bint personally replied to that explicitly speaks about Adam Wallis’ complaint.

Below is a section taken from the Tier 1 letter of complaint sent to the UK Insolvency Service on 18th September 2023 by Chris Nash on behalf of Lighthouse International Group. As can clearly be seen here, Lighthouse’s complaint made very specific reference to the treatment and harassment of Adam Wallis by Mr Seymour. This letter of complaint is the same letter that was officially responded to by Michael Bint, Official Receiver (seen later under point 5). 

4. A copy of the complaint to the Insolvency Service by Adam Wallis.

This is a full copy of the letter of complaint sent on 26th August 2022 by Adam Wallis to Gary Seymour, Alec Pybus and Edna-Maria Okhira at the Insolvency Service. When the Insolvency Service’s Investigator, Gary Seymour arrived unannounced at Adam Walllis’s residence on 26th July 2022 Adam had tried to commit suicide just days before. Adam was not a Director of Lighthouse International Group, but Mr Seymour still confronted him with a barrage of questions and threats of legal consequences if he didn’t give him certain information. Adam, understandably being very shaken and in a very fragile emotional and mental state, explained to Mr Seymour his situation and asked that he no longer contact or come to him, but that he liase only with company Director and Chairman, Mr Waugh. Despite this however, Mr Seymour continued to badger and harass Adam about Lighthouse International Group who, having been medically struck off from work due to his state, wrote back to Mr Seymour to lodge a personal complaint. To date, no reply has been received regarding this, either by Adam or anyone at Lighthouse. This is despite it being raised in correspondence with the Insolvency Service numerous times since. That is because the Insolvency Service’s treatment of Adam here exposes the overall callous and belligerent inhuman nature of the Insolvency Service’s conduct we have experienced throughout our dealings with them.

Mr Seymour,

I am no longer working and have been notified by someone monitoring my work emails (and have asked them to send this on my behalf) that you have tried contacting me again. How dare you! Mr Seymour, I have been medically struck off work due to recently attempting suicide due to psychological trauma in my personal life, so I will not be continuing in any further dialogue with you for any further risk to my own mental health, and my life.

I advised you before to liaise with the company director and chairman Mr Waugh (and even gave you the means to do so) as I’m not even a director of the organisation so have no knowledge of, nor even access to any information that could be of any relevance to you and already gave you everything possible at my front door. So I don’t know why you’re contacting me again given that as far as I understand, you’re already in dialogue with Mr Waugh and that I already made you somewhat aware of my mental condition.

Not only is your invasion of my life not right when you come to the front door of my private residence, which are not company premises, when I’m not even a director of the company, you then have the gall to try contacting me again and not even the directors! How dare you dehumanise me and treat me as a mere object in your box-ticking exercise! This is like the Stasi of East Germany! Is this really the standard practice of you and your organisation? If so, then I will challenge this when I’ve recovered fully to make sure this never happens to anyone else ever again, especially those in a very vulnerable state! In the meantime, I have initiated the formal complaints procedure with the Insolvency Service for this misconduct!

I’ve also been informed that Mr Waugh has removed every access point to the documentation you desire from everyone else in the organisation but himself in order to protect them from this atrocious behaviour by the likes of yourself and those who are directly or indirectly (knowingly or unknowingly) involved in the constructive sabotage and dogpiling smear campaign against Lighthouse International.

Let me give you some more context to unequivocally leave you with no room for confusion or ignorance of the circumstances surrounding, and the consequences of, your unsolicited visit to the front door of my private residence where I was trying to recover from psychological trauma.

Firstly, to reiterate, as you were aware, I am not and have never been a director of the organisation and hence obviously have had no involvement or relevant knowledge associated with any kind of investigation you’re pursuing.

Secondly, as I mentioned to you at my front door, I have been battling through tremendous dificulties in my life resulting in mental health challenges, not least to do with unresolved psychological issues as a consequence of my partner committing suicide. This all resurfaced on the anniversary of her death on 10th May since which I have slept no more than 3 hours a night. The immense pain and stress of this, along with being the victim for 2 years of relentless constructive sabotage, online trolling and personal defamatory attacks on myself and others at Lighthouse International, all contributed to a place where I made an attempt at taking my own life just a matter of days before you knocked on my front door after peering through the front window enquiringly!

So your visit, wielding intimidating threats of legal proceedings, court, fines and even imprisonment tipped me over the edge when already in an incredibly vulnerable state. As a result I’ve been medically struck off work by a doctor for at least a month, been given further sleeping tablets and antidepressants along with being referred to counselling services.

Many of those who are involved at Lighthouse have suffered similar trauma as myself, and even worse! Some of those attacking us and who are triggering organisations such as yours are their own family members who’ve abused them, some even sexually as children. In short, through this constructive sabotage and unlawful dogpiling they are trying to discredit and destroy Lighthouse by draining our resources as they believe that if they do this their heinous crimes will not come out.

One case in point of the vulnerable individuals involved in Lighthouse is the elderly woman also living here, that you would have seen behind me when standing at the front door. She is healing from a major shoulder operation and is overcoming severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by a horrific attack when two men came to a farm she was living on in Africa, attacked her, tied her up and left her for dead. So she too is left deeply disturbed and haunted when men come to our personal residence in confrontational circumstances, such as your arrival at our front door!

In conclusion, with my current state of health, and again reiterating the fact I’m not even a director of the organisation nor do I even have access to any information, I will once again direct you to chairman and director Mr Waugh. I urge you to refrain from contacting me again as to do so will jeopardise my recovery. Such an attempt at contacting or involving me any further, given that you are now even more aware of my personal circumstances, will leave me with no choice but to contact the police to report you for harassment because of the risk it poses of tipping me again into a place of taking my own life. I will therefore no longer be notified of, nor have access to company emails, or any further correspondence from you as your latest email has already derailed my recovery. I will also be updating my doctor about this latest correspondence from you and my state of health as a result so they can best advise and help me through it.

Adam Wallis 

5. An excerpt from Michael Bint’s reply to our complaint in which he acknowledges the complaint by Adam Wallis, stating that it was dealt with and that there would be no further attendance at Mr Wallis’ address.

Below is a snippet taken from Mr Bint’s official response to Lighthouse Global’s Tier 1 complaint letter about the Insolvency Service. Mr Bint sent this reply on 3rd October 2023. As can be seen this response clearly acknowledged Adam Wallis’s complaint but made the claim that Mr Wallis had not been contacted or visited again since September 2022. This claim was however confirmed as untrue by Mr Bint’s fellow Insolvency Service employee, Karen Baldock (see point 6 below). 

6. Evidence from an email sent by Karen Baldock that Insolvency Service employees went to the address that Adam Wallis made clear not to revisit in his complaint.

Below is a copy of an email from an Insolvency Service employee, Karen Baldock, that was sent to Lighthouse Global Co-CEO Chris Nash on 1st June 2023. As can be seen below, Mrs Baldock confirms that a visit was carried out by Insolvency Service agents at Mr Wallis’ address (unredacted email sent to Michael Bint). This was nearly 9 months later than September 2022, the date the Insolvency Service claim to have made no further attempts to contact Mr Wallis. This clearly shows Mr Bint’s claim (in point 5 above) is untrue.

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